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Trend T7EK Variable Speed Workshop Router Review

The Trend T7EK is up there with some of the heaviest routers you can ever use. It packs quite a punch thanks to its powerful motor, speed, and accuracy. Speaking of speed, the controls on this router are well located allowing you to switch speed quicker than most tools. The adjustments are very easy to read and the ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable in your hands. There are so many impressive features found on this tool.

What’s the price?

The T7EK Key Features

  • Powerful motor – The Trend T7EK has a 2100 W motor which is perfect for heavy-duty jobs such as worktop fitting. It is extremely powerful allowing you to get the most damaging of jobs done in record time thanks to the 50mm plunge depth it has.
  • Micrometer adjustments – If you want your work to be more accurate and precise, this tool has micrometer adjustments you can change based on what you’re working on. With the right settings, you should be able to produce fantastic results without breaking a sweat.
  • Speed control – It has a variable speed control feature for a smooth and crisp finish. This just like the feature above, needs to set depending on what project you’re working on to get the best results. The wrong settings can lead to poor or lackluster results which is the last thing anyone working on a project they’ve spent hours on needs.
  • Soft starting feature – If you’re not careful while starting a tool, you can lose control of it and can hurt yourself. To prevent such accidents from happening Trend put a soft starting feature to keep you in control of the tool.


  • Storage case – It comes with a storage case you can place it into in case you want to travel with it however, it needs to be handled with care because it is a very heavy tool.
  • Reasonable price – The Trend T7EK is a reasonably priced router that suits anyone short on funds. To have a good arsenal of power tools, you need to spend a lot of money. This router is very affordable and makes a great first tool for professionals. 
  • Durable – This feature is not surprising because the majority of bulky tools are durable because they can withstand a lot of punishment and handle tough tasks. As long as you’re careful in the way you look after this tool, it should be in your possession without you seeing any sort of damage for a very long time.


  • Heavy – At 4.2kgs, this router is reasonably heavy and not suitable for beginners. It requires one who has experience with heavy-duty tools to be able to work it properly. Those with less experience will find it hard to produce good quality results with this tool. Its bulky weight can also make it hard for you to store it and even transport it.
  • Can cause injuries – If you accidentally drop this tool for example or lift it the wrong way, injuries can occur. You need to be very careful when you handle this tool if you want to avoid any sort of injuries happening at home or job sites.
  • Can only be used in the daytime – One feature that is missing on this router that is available on many high-end models is the presence of LED lights. Since it has no LED lights, you need to make sure that you do all your jobs and complete them during the day time. Doing your jobs in a poorly lit room or the dark can lead to inaccurate results and potentially suffering an injury. If you want to do your work during the day as well as the night, you need to purchase a high-end model from brands like Makita and Dewalt l. 

Final thoughts

Just looking at how the way the Trend T7EK is built, it is clear to see that it is made by a company that has been in existence for 6 decades. It is a great router for professionals but not so much for beginners due to its heavy design. If one isn’t careful when handling this tool, they can get seriously hurt however, when care is taken it is reliable, dependable, and worth every penny thanks to the features mentioned above.

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  • 2100 watt motor
  • Soft start motor
  • Fine height adjustment
  • Micro-adjustable fence
  • Trade rated

2 thoughts on “Trend T7EK Variable Speed Workshop Router Review”

  1. Good strong router but the fence is very badly designed also the cutters are very difficult to remove I would have trend would have thaught of a more simpler way of changing the tooling

  2. Hi, I am hoping to buy a router for my husband. Could you please let me know the difference other than price between the DeWalt 625EKT-GB and the Trend T7EK. My husband is a keen wood DIYer and has built a number of units in our house. Thank you.

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