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Triton JOF001 Compact Precision Plunge Router Review

Every time you go out looking for a power tool it is important to get it right because getting wrong can be costly. Before you splash the cash, you need to make sure that the tool you buy is fit for purpose, durable, and value for money.  The Triton JOF001 is for those who are looking for a wonderful router without having to deal with many buttons. The simple design of this tool makes it very easy to use on a variety of projects. It is in many people’s eyes one of the most outstanding wood routers and packed with incredible features which will be looked at below

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The JOF001 Features

  • Unmatched quality – When you buy a product from a well-known company, quality is something you expect to get. It is one of those things that are non-negotiables and these companies know this tool. Triton JOF001 has an impressive speed which gives you so much power to handle different types of jobs plus the air vents located on the side prevent dust build-up which can cause damage to inside parts. 
  • Impressive soft start – You will not lose control when you start this tool because it doesn’t vibrate or shake. Those less experienced with power tools appreciate this feature because if you are starting up a tool for the first time, you never know what to expect.
  • Easy access to brushes – You can change brushes that are worn out very easily with this tool because of its clever design. There’s nothing in the way to stop you from getting to them. 
  • Automatic spindle lock – This feature enables one-handed bit changes that compliment the overall compact design of this tool making it ideal for work in tight spaces. 
  • Well crafted quick-fit pins – You’re able to remove and fit the tool from the router table with ease without any risk of injuries. When the router is on the table, there is a height winder that lets you adjust the depth when needed effortlessly.


  • Lightweight – You will enjoy working with this tool because it is easy to move around. Tools that weigh you down can make you feel tired easily and you can suffer from health problems such as strains on your arms. Lightweight tools allow you to work with freedom without having to worry about injuries and fatigue.
  • Can be used with one hand – Unlike many of the routers on the market that need you to use both hands, you can also comfortably use this with one hand. This is because of the features mentioned above like the soft start, the easy-to-reach speed settings, and lightweight design. 
  • Precise – Triton is a company that has always prioritized precision since the 1970s. The level of detail and care they put in this tool make it one of the most precise you can own and use. It is great to see a company that put this level of care into their products to ensure that users get quality results and performance.
  • Reduced job time – Using this tool cuts the job time massively when you compare it to hand tools. Jobs that can take you hours to do with hand tools will only take a few minutes if you use a poor tool like this one.


  • Can break easily. if one isn’t careful – Even power tools that are made from top-quality materials can break easily if a user mishandles it. This is the case when it comes to this tool if you are a reckless person.
  • Dust builds up quickly  – The Triton JOF001 is known to gather dust way too easy compared to other routers. You need to make sure you maintain it and slow down the dust build-up because if you leave this unattended, the insides will get damaged.

Final Thoughts

The Triton JOF001 is considered the baby when it comes to tools made by Triton. It proves that small can be beautiful thanks to its compact and lightweight design. It’s a feature-heavy tool and has a user-friendly handle that lets you use it for a very long time without straining your hands. The powerful engine is one of its major benefits because it allows the tool to run at speeds that rival many top routers sold on the market. The safety measures that have been put in place on this tiny thing allow you to adjust the settings without worrying about getting hurt.

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  • Variable speed
  • Soft start
  • Safety switch
  • Multi-function fence
  • Micro winder

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