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Triton TRA001 – 2400V 230V Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Review

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, then you know how crucial a plunge router is when it comes to making intricately designed pieces. If you search for these tools in the market, you will realize that the Triton TRA001 is currently one of the top router models.

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Coming from a well-trusted name in the power tools industry, this is a versatile tool with nearly all the necessary features you may need. But unlike most models, it doesn’t come with several extra parts since they are already integrated into it. With that said, let’s have a look at the main features of this model in this TRA001 review.

TRA001 Features

Powerful 2400-W motor

The first feature that we are going to mention is this product’s incredible motor inside of this unit. With a total of 3.25-HP, the motor can rotate the device’s blade with speeds of between 8000 and 21000-RPM. With this power, it is not a surpise why it is one of the most potent motors you will ever find in this type of routers. This motor can handle most of the toughest projects in your home and worksite.

2-in-1 Base

Instead of being stuck choosing between a fixed and a plunge base, why not get the Triton TRA001 and get both bases? With the product’s 2-in-1 Base feature, you can do almost all types of projects without the need to buy additional tools. It is also easier to switch between bases which makes it convenient to use. The plunge base is ideal for crafting intricate designs and patterns, while the fixed base is great for creating flat surfaces and smooth edges.

Soft Start

If you are still new to woodworking, you most probably feel nervous when you turn on the power. This is because the motor tends to come on so quickly and you may easily drop it on the floor. To provide a solution to this, Triton has added a soft-start motor that not only gives you more control but also prevents accidents. With this feature, the motor will come to life much slower instead of the normal high speed.

Variable Speed

Regardless of the woodworking tool that you are looking for, it is always recommended to go with one that has a variable speed motor. This is especially important if you work on projects that involve you using different types of wood. The Triton TRA001 comes with one that makes it easy for you to create bevelled edges when working on trim pieces. This also enables you to effectively plunge deep into a thick wood piece.

Adjustment Settings

With this Triton tool, adjusting your cutting height becomes relatively easy. This is made possible thanks to the micro winder and the three-set heights. As long as you are working on a standard project, you just choose from any of the marked heights and there you go. Although the marked settings come in handy, you can also choose a much smaller or larger depth outside the three options.


When using this router, you will realize that it is more powerful and stable. Obviously, it will make some noise but it won’t be the usual ear-ringing whine that most routers produce. The powerful 3¼ HP motor can handle even the toughest of projects. This includes all those tasks that require a motor running at 8,000 – 21,000-RPM. One thing you may realize when using it is that the safety lock feature can get in your way when you plunge the router. Also, you may have some difficulty adjusting the height of the router once it’s attached. However, this is not a major issue when you are working on hardwoods.


Works as a plunge as well as a fixed base router

Comes with an adjustable fence

Has variable speed control

Great value for the price

Powerful motor that doesn’t overheat

Durable and well-made


A few integral parts are made of plastic

Due to vibrations, some knobs tend to get loose

The safety cover gets in your way


Overall, Triton TRA001 is a real power tool that looks and feels sturdy.  It has plenty of features that will enable you to get creative and improve your woodworking skills. These include an automatic spindle lock for safety, variable speed for working on different wood types, and wide air vents to help reduce the extra dust. What’s more, you won’t need to buy accessories to get the most out of it. If you need a router that will give you great value for your money, then this is exactly the tool that you need.

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  • 8000-21,000rpm
  • Table height winder
  • Multifunction fence
  • ½"" collet
  • 12mm collet

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