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VonHaus 3500019 1600W Router Review

VonHaus is a Manchester-based manufacturing company with a mission to design and source all kinds of products to help buyers improve their space. The company produces a variety of products ranging from DIY tools, furniture, cleaning machines, etc. VonHaus 3500019 is an affordable wood router from the power tool division of the company. The 1600W model offers excellent overall performance required for efficient routing of holes, carving contours, or smoothing over edges.

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The device also comes with high precision features and as well as excellent design for complete control and a professional finish, even for novice woodworkers. Also, the manufacturer supplies the product with other accessories suitable for a whole routing operation. 

The VonHaus 3500019 design provides sufficient power and features ideal for carving tasks, including polishing and routing, cutting, and contouring.

Some Unique Features Of This 1600W Product

  • Slow-start function: Starting any rotating machine at its full-speed is dangerous to the operator, as well as the machine. However, the soft-start feature disallows the device from blasting at its full speed when turned on. It makes the tool start at a low speed, then builds the pace to its maximum over time. With that in view, it eliminates heavy noise and a severe surge of power that will cause the machine to jerk when running. 
  • High Power Brushed Motor: This device features a 1600W rated brushed motor for efficient and excellent overall performance. Brushed motors have the advantage of an alteration of its torque to speed ratio. Even more, they come with a low construction cost that makes the device affordable. They are easy to rebuild and repair by most technicians when completely damaged or faulty. Yet, the router makes the brushes of the motor easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. 
  • High-Speed: Alongside the powerful motor, the tool has a No Load Speed up to 26000 RPM. Although this speed relatively fast, it is also ideal for cleaner cuts and shapes on bits that remove a small amount of material at a time. Even more, the tool provides a minimum speed of 6000 RPM for the effective removal of larger quantities of material.
  • Variable speed control: Small bits efficiently cut through materials at a medium to high speed. More so, the faster the machine goes, the cleaner the cut. On the other hand, more significant sized bits operate at a slower pace to effectively run. So, using one router for different bit sizes will require the machine to go at a different speed. For that reason, this router features a dial switch that provides the operator full control of its speed. 
  • Spindle lock: Unlike other routers that will require the use of two wrenches to remove the bit, this device uses the spindle lock option. Precisely, the feature secures the shaft in place when the operator pushes the spring-loaded pin or engage the locking collar. After the shaft holds, a single collet can remove the bit. 

Yet, different size router bits will require varying collet sizes also. Hence, the device provides a ½ inch and ¼ inch collet suitable for most bits.

  • Lock-on switch: For similar routing depth, the tool needs to operate at the same speed on each workpiece. So, the VonHaus 1600W router provides a lock-on switch that keeps the machine running at the preset speed until the operator outriggers the switch.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle with built-in on/off switch: Thispower tool operates at high speed and heavy vibration. So, to reduce the impact sent to the operator, the machine comes with rubberized handles. 
  • Depth Adjustment: Excellent depth adjustment dial and variable plunge depth with six graduations of up to 50mm for highly accurate routing. 
  • Extra accessories such as brush guides (template, curved edge, and sample), brush collection module and carbon brushes

Product Warranty

The VonHaus 3500019 comes with a two year extended warranty. However, this guarantee applies to registered products within 30 days of purchase. Also, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Relatively high speed and power
  • Brilliant overall performance
  • Feature-rich 
  • High-quality construct


  • Not suitable for commercial purposes


VonHaus 3500019 is an excellent router designed for DIY projects and light routing operations. The machine excellently performs these tasks but no further. In other words, it is not ideal for heavy-duty purposes and, therefore, unsuitable for commercial woodworkers.  

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VonHaus 1600W Router Rating


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  • 1600W
  • 230V/50Hz
  • No Load Speed: 6000 to 26000rpm
  • Max. Plunge Depth: 50mm
  • Corded-Electric

2 thoughts on “VonHaus 3500019 1600W Router Review”

  1. I should have read the negative reviews too.
    I have just purchased brand new from Amazon and literally used it for less than 45mins, on flattening an elm chopping board 300mm x 400mm with a 1/2” straight end cutter and the motor cut out as if it was overheating. Let it cool for an hour and now will not restart!
    Really disappointed as it looked like a reasonable product out of the box. I now have a chopping board with half the surface routered flat and now need to get another router to finish. I will now need to go through the hassle of returning the goods for refund, as I will not be buying the same router as a replacement.

  2. I may be missing something very simple but I cant get the router to keep running after I release the trigger. Its mounted in a table so I need it to run constantly without me holding the trigger down

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