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Best Mitre Saw UK Reviews (For Home Use & DIY)

Whether you are a professional or a DIYers, a mitre saw is one must-have tool that you should have in your arsenal. With a mitre saw, you can be sure of making quick and easy angled cuts.

So, if you are looking for the best mitre saw in the UK, you are in the right place. Here, we will be exploring some of the leading models on the market to help you find the one that suits you best. And keep in mind that the best tool is not always the most popular one or the one with the most reviews.

Rather, the perfect model is that which meets your project needs accordingly. So, which model should you go for?

Let’s find that out.

Mitre Saws: Our Top 10

We understand that there are hundreds and even thousands of mitre saw that fill the UK market. As a result, it becomes challenging to pick a specific unit that meets your project needs. Nevertheless, here are 10 models we think would be a good pick for you;

Bosch GCM 18V-2169.5Check
Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+9.4Check
Dewalt DWS774-GB9.4Check
Bosch Professional GCM 8 SJL9.4Check
Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li9.3Check
VonHaus 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw9.3Check
Einhell TC-SM 2131/19.3Check
Einhell TC-MS 21129.2Check
Evolution Power Tools R210CMS9.2Check
Metabo KS 216 M9.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Bosch Pro BITURBO GCM 18V-216

Bosch GCM 18V-216

For many decades now, Bosch has been one of the leading power tool brands in the UK industry. They are known for many top models, and the BITURBO GCM is one of them.

This fantastic mitre saw would be a good pick for a professional that needs a backup model for handling their projects occasionally. It is a cordless unit that is powered by an 18V system that runs the 1800W motor to offer you a decent no-load speed of 4,600RPM. Along with that, this machine can make cuts of up to 70mm in depth.

The machine comes with a blade diameter of 21.6cm to offer you multiple cutting options. It delivers a vertical cutting capacity of 0 degrees to 45 degrees, which is 7cm to 4.5cm. In turn, it offers a horizontal cutting capacity of 0 degrees or 45 degrees or 27cm or 19cm.

For the mitre setting, you get 47 degrees to the left and 47 degrees to the right while the incline setting offers 45 degrees to the left and 0 degrees to the right.

We loved the fact that the saw offers you easy portability, thanks to its unique design. This design will offer you an easy time to transport it with a single hand. The model on its own weighs in at around 15kg.

To assure you of accurate cuts, the machine comes with a laser and an LED function.


  • Decent power output for a cordless model
  • Easy to move with the carry handle
  • Comes with a laser and LED light for accurate cuts
  • Easy to make blade changes
  • Comes with a depth stop for trenching


  • Not ideal for high-demanding and prolonged projects

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2. Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+

Evolution R255SMS+

If you need to take the mitre saw power up a notch with a better motor, this would be a decent pick for you.

This fella comes with a 2000W optimized gearbox that is not only powerful but also unbeatable. In other words, this motor will serve you for a long time without wearing out too quickly. The motor spins the high-strength tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blade to let you slice through almost any material out there. Furthermore, the blade comes with 28 teeth that allow you to cut even steel and aluminum with ease.

Precision cutting is assured with this mitre saw, thanks to the integrated laser. You won’t have to make guesswork cuts when working with this machine.

How does it perform in terms of cutting ability? Well, the blade on this monster delivers an adjustable bevel tilt of between 0 and 45 degrees. If you need to adjust it, you can easily do so by loosening the bevel handle. The bevel scale onboard will allow you to get an accurate angled tilt. Plus, you can make mite cuts of -50 degrees and +50 degrees. You can be confident of getting an instant workable finish with this machine.

Of course, the depth of cut is adjustable between 0 and 65cm. by adjusting the depth stop, you can get the cut depth that suits your projects. If you want to make trench cuts, this feature would suit you perfectly.


  • Decent power output
  • Adjustable cut depth, bevel, and mitre cuts
  • Laser guide for accurate cuts
  • Good for trench cuts
  • Offers a large 30 x 80 cm cutting capacity


  • Tricky to store away due to its size

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3. DeWalt DWS774-GB

Dewalt DWS774-GB

If you have been working with mitre saws in the UK, you must have come across a model from DeWalt. Here is a product from DeWalt, which we thought would be a good pick for you.

This fantastic mitre saw comes with a powerful 1400W motor that offers a no-load speed of 6,300RPM. If you combine this with the TCT blade that comes with it, you can be sure of having a reliable monster to slice through any material.

The XPS cross-cut alignment system allows you to have an easy time to handle your projects with perfection. There is an XPS shadow line cut indicator that offers fast and accurate alignment of the blade. Still, this light will illuminate the workpiece for enhanced productivity.

There are a bright LED light and a laser-like shadow that shines down the work surface to let you make accurate cuts with minimal effort.

You won’t have to worry about the sawdust as this model comes with an enhanced dust extraction efficiency.

We loved the head lock function that allows the head to be fixed while restricting the traverse function for those trim applications. Even better, this helps to give you easy transportation. To assure you of sturdiness and durability, the machine comes with a fence and base that are made to withstand harsh working conditions.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Comes with an LED light and laser-like shadow for accurate cuts
  • Enhanced dust extraction efficiency
  • Comes with carrying handles for easy portability
  • Fences feature measuring scale for enhanced material support


  • The switch and blade guard can be tricky to operate simultaneously

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4. Bosch GCM 8 SJL

Bosch Professional GCM 8 SJL

Here is another top model that would be considered a mitre saw for professionals in the UK. The power output is decent enough and it is an electric model that is able to handle some demanding projects.

The machine runs on a 1400W motor that spits a no-load speed of 5,500RPM. You also get a strong blade that offers a cutting capacity of 7 x 31.2 cm at 0 degrees and 7 x 21.4 cm at 45 degrees. The incline setting can be adjusted to 47 degrees, while the mitre offers maximum adjustability of 52 degrees. In terms of the horizontal cutting, you can enjoy a maximum of 31.2cm.

There is a depth stop that allows you to make groove cuts with ease. We’d point you in the direction of this model if you will be processing large-area formats. An intuitive side bevel lock and integrated material pull-out on the side allows you to enjoy working on creative and individual solutions.

You will enjoy working in a dust-free area with a dust extraction outlet. This also betters your visibility on your workpieces.

When it comes to moving this machine, you can make use of the convenient carrying handle onboard.


  • Comes with a reliable power output
  • Features a carry handle for easy portability
  • Offers a depth stop for making groove cuts
  • Comes with a laser-line for accurate cuts
  • Two-point dust extraction for keeping workspace tidy


  • You will need to connect a dust extractor to avoid messing up the work area

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5. Einhell TE-SM 36/210

Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li

For those that are looking for a portable mitre saw for handling their projects, this one would serve you decently. This one easily makes it among the top cordless mitre saws in the UK.

It is powered by a 36V battery system that runs the brushless motor to offer you decent power for handling your projects. You will get a no-load speed of 3,800RPM, which might not be reliable as such for managing the high demanding jobs. But that doesn’t make this fella a worthless model.

The saw comes with a smooth draw function that allows you to work on wide workpieces easily. There is also X-Tend workpiece support that you can easily adjust with a single hand without any tool.

You can work on any material with this model, thanks to the carbide-tipped blade that comes with a thin body to slice through workpieces without any heat buildup. Plus, this helps to deliver fine cuts on your projects.

Einhell understands the relevance of making accurate cuts with a mitre saw, which is why they offer this model with a cutting line laser and a convenient LED light. With these two features, you won’t need to use any measuring tool.


  • Features an LED light and cutting line laser for accuracy
  • Comes with a clamping device for holding the workpiece in position
  • Precise angle adjustment facility for making angular cuts
  • It offers a sawdust bag for an adaptor to connect to an extractor
  • It has a smooth draw function for handling wide workpieces


  • The battery and charger are sold separately

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6. VonHaus 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw

VonHaus 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw

What can we make of this amazing mitre saw from VonHaus? We have three words for it; powerful, highly-versatile, reliable. Being considered as one of the best models in the UK, this machine will serve you decently with your projects.

This electric mitre saw runs with a 1500W motor that lets you cut through plastic, laminate, and hardwood. The 21cm blade on this fella will spin at top speeds of 4500RPM to let you handle your project effortlessly.

There are solid side support bars onboard that allows you to work on wide materials with ease. The rotating table of this fella lets you make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees to the left or right. Along with that, you can enjoy bevel edges and straight cuts to a maximum depth of 7cm, which is impressive.

No need to worry about making irregular cuts with this model since you get a convenient laser guidance system to help you make them accurate to the maximum. Even better, there is a wood clamp on the machine that keeps the workpiece in place as you slice through it.

The dust bag that comes with this machine is meant to capture dust and debris as you work on your projects.

One thing you should know about this model is that it comes with a 2m power cord, which will limit its portability.


  • Comes with side support bars for handling large workpieces
  • Laser guidance system enhances accuracy and productivity
  • Offers a dust bag for capturing dust and debris
  • Wood clamp holds workpieces in position
  • Comes at a decent price point


  • Short power cord

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7. Einhell TC-SM 2131/1

Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 Dual

Are you on a tight budget but you also want a decent mitre saw for handling your angled-cuts projects? If the answer is yes then you should give this baby a shot. This model also stands among the best in the UK market.

It is a corded/electric unit that runs on a powerful motor to slice those workpieces with excellence. This one will slice through laminated panels, plastic, as well as wood. You can use it to make clean mitre cuts and accurate crosscuts as well.

Thanks to the design of the saw head, you can tilt it to the right or left continuously to offer you high flexibility in setting mitres on two sides. Even better, you get an integrated drag function to let you make cuts on wide workpieces with ease. Plus, there is a clamping device that will hold the workpieces securely. A workpiece stop with rails is also there to adjust on either side for safe and accurate operation.

You get an accurate angle adjustment facility to let you make those angular cuts easily. We loved that you can adjust the angle of the saw with just one hand.

Like other models on the list, this one also offers an integrated laser cutting line to let you guide the blade through it for accuracy.


  • Comes with an integrated drag function for cutting through wide workpieces
  • Easy to adjust the angle with a single hand
  • Features a practical scale for reading off the width of the material
  • Laser guide for accurate cuts
  • Integrated drag function for working on wide workpieces


  • It can get messy

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8. Einhell TC-MS 2112

Einhell TC-MS 2112

This awesome mitre saw from Einhell qualifies among the best on the UK market, and it performs decently as well. Even better, this model comes at a very friendly price tag.

It is an electric unit that comes with a 1600W motor that will spin the blade at high speeds of 5,000RPM. With that speed, you can get done with your projects in the shortest time. If you match this with the high-quality blade of 48 teeth, you won’t have to worry about the material you are slicing through. Even if you want to cut through aluminum or steel materials, this saw will deliver accordingly.

There is a rotating table that lets you make accurate cuts between -45 and +45 degrees. Along with that, the saw offers a maximum bevel cut of 12 x 5.5cm to the left and 8 x 3.2cm to the right.

Don’t you just hate it when you are cutting a workpiece and it keeps getting out of place? It is never an enticing experience, which is why you will enjoy the support and clamping device of this model. These two features help to keep the workpiece in place as you cut through it.

There is a table inlay that comes with a scale for offering you precise cuts. The sawdust then allows you to keep the workplace clean.


  • High power delivery
  • Easy to change the blade with the spindle lock
  • Table inlay with scale for accurate cuts
  • Features a transport brace for easy portability
  • Clamping device holds workpieces in position


  • It can take time to set it up

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9. Evolutions Power Tools R210CMS

Evolution Power Tools R210CMS

Without any doubt, this model stands among the cheapest in most UK stores. You won’t have to break the bank for this one.

Even with its low price, this unit offers you a 1500W electric motor with an optimized gearbox and blade system. There is also a 24-tooth tungsten carbide-tipped blade that is coarse enough to eat through any material, including metal. Keep in mind that this blade is designed to limit heat buildup even when cutting through steel. The blade diameter is 21cm and the bore diameter is 25.4cm.

Here, you will be enjoying accurate cuts with the 0 to 45-degree bevel, along with the 45-degree mire setting. You then get a 12.5 x 5.5cm cross-cut capacity. This fella offers you clear and precise angle settings that let you handle varied projects on a single.

We loved how easy it was to carry this piece around. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design of the mitre saw you won’t ever worry about throwing your back when carrying it around. Specifically, this little fella comes in at around 5.7kg. Also comes with a convenient handle that lets you carry it with ease.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Cuts through steel with minimal heat buildup
  • Incredible value
  • Features a hold-down clamp to secure workpieces
  • Easy to operate


  • It cannot handle wide planks

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10. Metabo KS 216M

Metabo KS 216 M

Last on the list, but among the top products on the UK market is this compact mitre saw that is designed for reliability.

This one comes in at only 9.4kg and you will be sure of handling your DIY projects with ease. The lightweight design comes with ergonomic hands for easy portability. It still comes with a sturdy die-cast aluminum design that makes it durable enough.

You get a 1500W motor that offers enough power for cutting through any material out there. The 20.32cm carbide-tipped blade lets you cut through workpieces effortlessly.

Even if you will be working in a dark workspace, there is a bright LED job light that will illuminate the area for you. But this also works as a cutting guide. You simply follow through the shadow to make straight and accurate cuts.

Your safety is also assured with this model, thanks to the high-sliding rear fence.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Robust die-cast aluminum design for sturdiness
  • 40-tooth blade offers clean finishes
  • Reliable dust extraction
  • Stop points lets you make quick and accurate common angles
  • Decent safety features


  • Not best for cutting metal

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Things To Remember When Choosing A Mitre Saw

It is one thing finding the most popular mitre saw and another to find the one that suits your project needs. If you want to handle your projects with excellence and get the most of the saw you purchase, we suggest you go for the latter.

That being said, here are things you need to consider when finding the right tool for your projects:

  • Blade Size. The first thing you should consider is the blade size of the mitre saw. Too often, the saws are measured by the size of the blade. Here, a 12-inch (30.48cm) saw will denote the size of its blade. If you will be cutting common trim boards and siding strips, consider going for a 10-inch (25.4cm) saw blade. Generally, choose the one that suits your project needs.
  • Corded or cordless. A corded model is the more powerful of the two, but it will be difficult to move around compared to the cordless unit. Always choose wisely.
  • Laser guide. In order to make accurate cuts, you will need a laser guide to direct you accordingly.
  • Dust collection. It is optional to have a dust collection system. But if you want a tidy work area, then you will want to consider getting a model with a reliable dust collection system.

Don’t forget to go for a mitre saw that has a nonslip grip for comfort and control. Also, consider the safety features of the machine and choose one from a reputable brand.


So, which is the best mitre saw in the UK? That depends on what you need from the saw. Once you have identified what you need and what your project demands, you will have an easy time finding the perfect machine to purchase.

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