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Best Reciprocating Saw UK Reviews (Cordless And Corded)

You probably already know that a reciprocating saw is a highly versatile tool that you can use to cut a wide range of materials. Another thing you should know about this type of saw is that it can easily access the confined spaces where some tools cannot access.

You can use the tool can cut through wood, plaster, metal, piping, along other materials. The only thing you will need is to change the right blade that would handle the respective material you want to work on.

The UK market is filled with reciprocating saws from different brands and in varied models. If you need to purchase one to meet your project needs, you will need to be extra choosy. In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 reciprocating saws you would want to purchase for your projects.

Reciprocating Saws: Our Top 10

With the multiple brands dominating the power tools UK market, it becomes very challenging to select an individual reciprocating saw to meet your project needs. However, here are 10 models we thought would do an amazing job for you.

Makita DJR186Z9.6Check
Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw9.4Check
HYCHIKA 18V Reciprocating Saw9.0Check
WORKPRO 710W Reciprocating Saw9.0Check
Meterk 850W Reciprocating Saw9.0Check
Makita DJR185Z9.0Check
Bosch GSA 1100 E9.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Makita DJR186Z

Makita DJR186Z Reciprocating Saw

The first reciprocating saw comes from Makita, which is a common brand for any DIYer or professional in the UK. This model features a lightweight design, and its delivery is satisfactory as well.

With this model, it is powered by an 18V battery system that runs the motor onboard. In turn, you will enjoy an amazing speed of 2,800spm. There is also a trigger switch that allows you to adjust the needed speed accordingly. Even better, a lock-off lever comes along with the trigger switch for you to handle your projects with a consistent speed.

The saw comes with a compact design at 486mm and weighs in at 2.1kg. You shouldn’t have any problem working with this one as it is meant to offer you a comfortable grip for better control. Speaking of the grip, the saw comes with an ergonomically designed handle with a rugged grip. This way, you will easily control it without worrying about it slipping off your hands.

The user-experience is friendly enough as this reciprocating saw offers you a tool-less blade change. Besides changing the blade with ease, you’ll also be confident of safety, thanks to the electric brake.

So, what is the cutting capacity of this model? Well, it offers you a 255mm cutting depth in wood and 130mm in pipe. The length of strong of this tool is 32mm.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Extreme protection technology for durability
  • Electric brake for safety
  • Decent cutting capacity


  • Doesn’t come with batteries or a charger

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2. Bosch PSA 700 E

Bosch PSA 700 E

Bosch is another leading brand that dominates the UK market, and their PSA 700W model stands among the best reciprocating saw out there.

This one is an electric model that is designed to offer you an amazing performance. It runs on a 710W motor that is powerful enough to offer top speeds of 2,700 strokes per minute. You get to control the speed that suits the material you are slicing through with a trigger switch.

At 3kg, you shouldn’t be having a problem handling this model. However, this is slightly heavier than some units out there. Nevertheless, most professionals will find this model lightweight and user-friendly.

Speaking of user-friendliness, the saw comes with an ergonomic handle with a soft, nonslip grip. You will have a comfortable grip and excellent control of this tool, thanks to its design. Keep in mind that this awesome reciprocating saw comes with a bow design handle that offers you safe handling.

When it comes to changing the blade, Bosch offers the machine with the iconic SDS technology. In other words, you will enjoy effortless blade changes in a matter of seconds. The best part is that you will not require any special tool to help you with that.

It does come with a 2.5m cord length, which might limit your mobility if you don’t have an extension cord.


  • Decent power output
  • Bow-design handle with a softgrip for better control
  • Quick and tool-less blade changes
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Electronic speed control


  • The cord length might limit mobility

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Tacklife RPRS01A

This model from TACKLIFE is another tool you’d want to get for your projects. It stands among the best electric reciprocating saws in the UK.

As it is powered by electricity, you shouldn’t have to worry about abrupt battery runouts. In turn, you get a decent 850W motor to deliver a decent speed of 2,800SPM to handle your projects with ease. Of course, there is an adjustable speed trigger that lets you set the ideal speed for your project. This saw lets you adjust the length and supporting angle of the pivoting shoe. As a result, you will enjoy extra stability when making cuts.

There is a 90-degree rotating handle that you can move to the right or left according to the project needs. This eliminates the need for bearing the tiring sideways posture as you crosscut or when you are working in confined spaces.

The blade is easy to change, and that is made possible by the easy-to-use clamp that helps you change the blade in seconds. If you will be working in tight and low-lit spaces, there is an LED lamp onboard to help you with that.

No need to worry about the vibrations of this model as it comes with an ergonomic design with low vibrations. The soft grip handle also helps to offer you more control and comfort as you work with the reciprocating saw. This one comes in at 4.34kg, which might be lightweight to others. However, some people found it slightly heavy, especially if you compare it to other models.


  • Adjustable shoe to give you easy operation in confined spaces
  • LED job light lets you operate it in low-lit areas
  • 90-degree rotating handle
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Easy to change the blade


  • The LED stays on whenever the tool is plugged in

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HYCHIKA 18V Reciprocating Saw

If you need a cordless saw that offers a decent power output for handling your projects with ease, this model would be a good pick for you. It stands among the best cordless units on the UK market, thanks to its delivery.

The reciprocating saw is powered by two batteries to offer you a maximum of 2000mAh for handling your multiple projects. In turn, the battery will power the brushless motor onboard to offer you variable speeds of 0 to 2,800RPM. With that speed range, you can be confident inhandling different materials with ease. A trigger switch is there to help you with that.

There are four gears that offer you easy cutting depth adjustment. You can aslo adjust the support angle using the pivot feet in order to handle different scenarios.

The saw offers you a 22mm stroke, along with three cutting methods for maximum versatility. These three methods include insert cutting, flat cutting, as well as conventional cutting.

Changing the blades on this trustworthy reciprocating saw is also easy as you can do that without the need for a special tool. If the lock is spanned, you can safely insert the blade. By the way, this model comes with two blades for wood and two others for metal cutting.

We have to mention that the battery on this model comes with a fast charger, and it will juice up in just an hour. There is an LED indicator to let you know the amount of battery left.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Comes with 4 gears to control the cutting position of the blade
  • Offers safe and quick blade changes
  • Battery charges within an hour
  • Decent power output for a cordless model


  • The battery won’t last for over 30 minutes

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WORKPRO 710W Reciprocating Saw

You can easily find this electric saw in most power tool stores in the UK. It assures you of continuous power delivery to handle your prolonged projects with ease.

This reciprocating saw comes with a 710W motor that should handle your projects with ease. It will then offer you a rotation speed of 0 to 2,800SPM to perfectly meet your project needs. There is also a lock button on the handle that allows you to work at a constant speed on your projects.

If you need to change the blade to suit the material you are working on, you can easily do that with the help of quick-change technology. Here, you can install or remove the blade easily without any special tool.

This fella comes with an ergonomic handle, along with a soft, nonslip rubber coating. The handle design helps to cut down the vibrations, fatigue, as well as keep it well secured in your hand. In turn, you will be confident in making precise cuts on any material.

It is a lightweight model that only comes in at 2.52kg to offer you better handling as you work on your projects. The stroke length of this fella is 20mm, and it delivers a maximum cutting capacity of 115mm on wood.


  • Decent power output
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle with nonslip grip
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • The power cord comes only at 1.8 miters

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6. Meterk 850W

Meterk 850W Reciprocating Saw

Another top reciprocating saw brand that is easily found in most UK stores is Metrek, which has been around for many years. This electric model is designed to offer you an amazing performance as you work on your projects.

Being powered by electricity, this tool then runs the 850W brushless motor that offers you a maximum speed of 2,800SPM. There is avariable speed trigger that you can use to set the ideal speed for the material you are working on.

Along with that speed, the tool offers a stroke length of 28mm that should be enough to handle most projects out there. You get one blade for metal cutting and another for wood cutting.

There is an adjustable angle of 10 degrees that can be adjusted forward or backward based on the type of project you are handling. This helps to make the blade fit snuggly to the material for more comfort and stability. Furthermore, there is a high-strength self-locking shuck that enhances the stability of the saw as you work with it.

You can make quick blade changes with this tool. Also, there is a pivoting foot onboard that allows you to adjust the support angle for handling varied working scenes.


  • Non-slip rotary handle for adjusting the cutting direction of the blade
  • Pivoting foot adjusts support angle for different work scenes
  • Comes with an LED job light for working in low-lit areas
  • Adjustable reciprocating rod for working in limited cutting spaces
  • Highly versatile


  • Some users thought it was slightly heavy

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7. Makita DJR185Z

Makita DJR185Z

If you need a lightweight, portable reciprocating saw that can spit some serious power, this Makita model would easily suit you. It stands among the best cordless models in the UK, and you will truly appreciate the delivery of this little fella.

The best part about this model is that it comes with a compact and lightweight design to give you an easy time when handling it. At only 1.44kg, this model will offer you comfortable and better handling.

Even with that weight, this fella still has enough power to manage your projects. It is powered by an 18V battery system that runs the brushless motor. You will then get an impressive speed of 3,000SPM, which is better than some electric models on the list. The speed is adjustable, and you can make use of the lock-off switch to work on your projects with a constant speed.

This saw comes with a 13mm stroke length, and it can deliver a cutting capacity of 50mm on wood and 50mm on pipe.

You get a rubberized soft grip handle that offers you a sure and comfortable grip. That will then give you better control on your projects.


  • Decent speed delivery
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ideal for small DIY projects
  • Rubberized non-slip handle for better control
  • Comes with an LED light with a pre-glow function


  • It cannot handle high demanding projects

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8. Bosch Pro GSA 1100 E Sabre Saw

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E

For those looking for an electric saw to manage their demanding projects with ease, we’d point you in the direction of this model.

This amazing reciprocating saw comes with a powerful motor of 1100W to handle multiple projects with ease. The motor gives you a decent speed of 2,700SPM that should give you fast and clean cuts. You will get a stroke length of 28mm, along with a satisfying cutting depth of 2300mm in wood. If you will be cutting through metal profiles or pipes, this model will deliver a cutting depth of 20mm.

Working in low-lit areas should bother you with this model as it comes with an integrated LED for better vision. At around 4kg, some thought it was lightweight enough while others found it slightly heavy.

You can enjoy quick and easy blade changes, thanks to the SDS technology. There is also a rubber-coated gear housing that doesn’t only offer you a comfortable grip but better control of the tool as well. When you are done with the saw, you can easily hang it on the wall with the convenient metal hook.


  • High power output
  • Easy to make blade changes
  • Rubber-coated gear housing for a comfortable and strong grip
  • Features an LED job light
  • Comes with a metal for easy storage in-between or after jobs


  • Some thought it was slightly costly

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This TACKLIFE reciprocating saw would be a good pick for you if you need a powerful and versatile model. It easily makes it among the best reciprocating saws in the UK.

It is an electric unit that comes with a 1050W brushless motor to deliver a great speed range of between 0 and 2700SPM. The stroke length of this tool is 28mm, which is decent enough to handle your projects. Keep in mind that the tool comes with six variable-speed dials. With these dials, you can enjoy a step-less adjustment of the speed.

Even better, there is a 180-degree rotating handle that comes with 9 positive stoppers to adjust the direction accordingly. You can set it at 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees. These options allow you to use the model in both narrow and crosscut spaces.

Changing the blade on this model is easy, and you can do it in a matter of seconds. You won’t need a screwdriver to insert or remove the blade. Plus, the product comes with 4 pieces of blades for wood and two pieces of blades for metals and plastic. All blades are 6-inches long.


  • Features an integrated LED job light
  • Offers you six extra blades
  • Adjustable pivot shoe for extra stability
  • Can be used in both crosscut and confined spaces
  • Powerful and durable motor


  • The lock-on button is placed close to the handle, so you can accidentally press it

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We might list this as the last product on our review, but it still has features that make it among the best cordless models on the UK market.

This reciprocating saw runs on a 20V 2.0Ah battery system that offers you an amazing cutting delivery. The onboard motor will then deliver a top speed of 3,000SPM, which is enough to assure you of fast and clean cuts. You can adjust the speed to match your project needs accordingly.

Being a cordless unit, this model will juice up quickly in just one hour to let you go back to your projects with ease. Unfortunately, it might not be the best pick for prolonged projects as this one cannot last for more than 30 minutes. If the battery is about to run out, there is an LED light that will alert you.

It offers a stroke length of 22cm, and the cutting capacity is satisfying enough compared to most models out there and even on this list. There is a 3-in-1 protection that keeps it safe from overheating, over-discharge, or overloading.

Like other models on the list, this one also comes with a tool-free blade change.


  • Lightweight design
  • Decent speed delivery
  • The battery charges under 1 hour
  • Comes with a battery LED indicator
  • User-friendly design


  • The battery lasts for less than 30 mins

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Things To Remember When Choosing Reciprocating Saw

When selecting the right reciprocating saw, it is not always about going for the most popular models in the UK or those with the most customer reviews. Rather, you should choose one that meets your project needs accordingly. Here are some of the things you need to consider;

  • Corded or Cordless? You need to decide whether you want a cordless or a corded model. With the corded units, they tend to have more power but limited portability. On the other hand, cordless models are lightweight, highly portable but limited power. Make sure you choose the one that suits you accordingly.
  • Size/weight. The size is also a point worth considering, based on how you intend to use it. For prolonged projects, ensure that you find a model that is compact and lightweight enough. This will let you use it without worrying about fatigue.
  • Speed (SPM).The speed is measured in strokes per minute and it will be adjustable to meet your project need. Always choose the speed that is relative to your project.
  • Type of blade. Depending on what you will be cutting, the tool should come with the ideal blade. Here, the blade should be strong enough to slice through the material accordingly.

Above all, you should consider a model that delivers the needed stroke length and cutting capacity. Don’t forget to go for a user-friendly model, with a friendly price tag, and from a reputable brand.


There you have it. The aforementioned products are some of the best reciprocating saws in the UK. When choosing one, always go for one that meets your project needs and how you intend to use it. Remember tofollow the proper safety precautions whenever you are working with the reciprocating saw.

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