BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB Compact Jigsaw Review

What’s the price?

 As a buyer, before you buy a jigsaw, you should always know what you’ll get. With the BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB, you get a tool that is great for bevel cuts, straight cuts as well as cutting out shapes on things like plastic or wood. The majority of people who buy this tool get it for its shape cutting prowess.

This is a model that is good for beginners. Apart from wood and plastic, if you want to cut light steel and aluminium, you can use this tool too however, you’ll have to change the blade to the one that cuts metal. One of the things that work against this tool is it’s not suitable for everyday use. If you are a professional by trade, you are better off picking other options. Below are some of the best features of the jigsaw.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design – The whole design of this compact tool makes it one of the most comfortable you can use if you are a beginner. If you want a tool that lets you work on your project for hours without feeling tired, the BLACK and DECKER KS501-GB is a great choice.
  • Low vibration – At 0 – 45 deg, the vibrations of this low are very low allowing you to have a steady hand each time you’re cutting. It can be hard to cut in a straight line if a tool is vibrating a lot but you will have no such problems with this tool.
  • Visible blade – The blade on this tool is not hidden like most tools, it is visible. This massively improves your accuracy and the dust blower ensures that your line of cut is clear.
  • Lockon switch – While you’re performing tasks like metal pipe cutting, light sheet metal cutting, basic 45 beveled cuts, curved cuts and general wood cutting, any extra level of comfort is always welcome. The lock-on switch on the jigsaw increases your comfort, especially for those prolonged cutting sessions. A tool that drains your energy quickly can be challenging to work with but this tool ensures you use as little energy as possible to cut the materials you throw at it.
  • Versatile – This jigsaw by BLACK & DECKER can be used for a variety of tasks like shelving, general household maintenance, laying laminate floors, cutting decking boards, and adjusting door lengths.


  • Plenty of positive reviews – Not many people have a bad word to say about this powerful tool with over 70% being very satisfied with their purchase. They praise the KS501-GB for its cutting prowess, versatility, and comfort.
  • Excellent for occasional DIYers – If you do a bit of DIY around the house, the jigsaw will suit you just fine because it can handle the majority of jobs occasional you might have. Whether it is cutting metal pipes or sheet metal, you will comfortably cut these materials with ease.
  • Great value for your money – For the amount you pay for the tool is worth every single penny you pay because it’s packed with some incredible features.
  • Precise cuts and amazing finish – The mark of a good power tool is its ability to leave a smooth finish after a cut no matter the material. The tool is incredible at leaving a smooth finish thanks to its sharp blade.


  •  Requires a tool to change the blades – While most tools don’t require the use of a tool to change the blades, you will need a screwdriver to change the blades on the jigsaw.
  • Not as powerful – When compared to other saws on the market, this tool is weaker when it comes to power and is only ideal for light jobs and not heavy jobs.

Final Verdict

The BLACK+DECKER KS501-GB model is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts who have some light jobs at home. It is not the biggest jigsaw on the market but it’s small and compact size makes it easy to use. Control and comfort are not an issue too because of its size. The major thing that works against is the fact that you can’t use it for heavy-duty jobs. You can’t cut through large materials like timber with it.

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KS501-GB Review


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  • Visible blade
  • Dust blower
  • Low vibration
  • Lock-on switch
  • Ergonomic Design

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