BLUE RIDGE BR3402 Mini Circular Saw Review

BLUE RIDGE is a name that many people are not familiar with when it comes to power tools but they do make good quality products. One of their standout products from their product line is the BR3402 mini saw.

If you want to make your yard or home looking beautiful, this is exactly what you need to buy because BLUE RIDGE BR3402 is affordable and powerful. You get features such as a 750W motor materials like wood and steel and a no-load speed of 4500 per minute. The size of the blade is 120mm and this size is perfect for light and medium-sized tasks.

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Key Features Of The BR3402

  • Powerful motor – The power that you get when you use BLUE RIDGE BR3402 will leave you impressed. The 720 W motor is key to this tool’s ability to be able to deliver a no-load speed of 4500 per minute.
  • Compact design – When a tool has a compact design, it means that you can use it in tough spaces without experiencing any problems. BLUE RIDGE did a great job opting for this design because they knew that some of their customers will have limited space to maneuver and will require a machine that is adaptable to their environment and space.
  • Lightweight – Weighing just 2.8 kgs, this mini saw is one of the lightest you can buy. It is not only easy to use but to store as well. It will not take up space in your workshop and if you buy a carry bag, this is a very portable tool as well especially if you have projects in different places.
  • Impressive max cutting depth – The maximum cutting depth on this machine can be up to 45 mm at 90 degrees. The 45-degree angle of inclination can reach a cutting depth of 28.5 mm which is incredible for a tool of its size.
  • Lithium-ion Tech – This tool uses a powerful 2Ah lithium-ion battery 3!8,6 only takes 1 hour to fully charge. Edit: Corded.


  • Excellent package – The things you get when you buy this package include a BLUE RIDGE mini circular saw, an Allen key, a vacuum adapter, a parallel guide, a TCT blade, an HSS blade, and a diamond blade.
  • Great accuracy – The parallel guide clamp attachment is there to make sure that you can produce professional and precise cuts at will. No one likes to produce lackluster results when they are cutting materials and this tool feels you confidence knowing your cuts will come out amazing.
  • Vacuum cleaner adapter – You can use this feature to keep your area clean by connecting the vacuum cleaner or dust bag to the tool. Simply turn the vacuum on and you’ll be on your way to cleaning any mess you made while cutting. For quick blade changes, this tool comes with an Allen key.
  • Different materials – You can use BR3402 to work on a variety of materials and not be restricted to just one or two. This tool is good at cutting through ceramic, PVC, metal, and wood.


  • Doesn’t have a tool-less blade change feature – While this is not a deal-breaker, it can be a drawback for people who don’t like using tools to change blades on their machines. It does have an Allen for quick blade changes however you need to know how to do it properly.
  • Charging is needed – Since this tool doesn’t have a power cord that needs to be plugged to a socket, it has a 2Ah lithium-ion battery that needs to be charged. This means you don’t have unlimited power to work with and you are on the clock to do as much work as possible before the battery dies. The good thing about the battery is it only takes an hour to fully charge. Edit: Corded.

Final Verdict

Overall the reason why you should be buying BLUE RIDGE BR3402 is to make those plug and longitudinal cuts on materials such as wood, tiles, metal, aluminum, PVC, and more. While the missing tool-less blade changes feature might be looked at the downside to the tool, it makes up for that in many ways. You get a powerful motor, a vacuum cleaner adapter, and a lightweight tool that is very compact.

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  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding Accuracy
  • Aluminum Base
  • Lithium-ion Technology

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