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Bosch AdvancedCut 18 Cordless NanoBlade Saw Review

If you are looking for a reliable jigsaw for helping you in your landscaping projects, the Bosch AdvancedCut 18 would be a good pick. This saw is highly portable and it allows you to work on your pruning projects and around your garden with ease. It would easily get work if you want to make freehand cuts at home. In this article, we will be exploring the power tool to give you a virtual experience of its delivery.

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What’s the price?


The Bosch AdvancedCut 18 is a power tool that will answer to your freehand cuts projects around the home or in the garden. It is a cordless unit that runs on a rechargeable battery, the best part is that the battery onboard has been made to retain power for a long time and allow you to work on your prolonged projects.

It has also been designed with a technology that cuts down the vibrations while maximizing its performance. Best of all, the power tool isn’t heavy, which means that you will have an easy time when working with it for a long time.

Features and Functions


One thing that any buyer would want to know before purchasing a cordless power tool is its weight, and overall design. To be precise, this saw is very lightweight and you can be sure of enjoying working with it for a prolonged time. The AdvancedCut 18 comes with a compact design and only weighs in at 1.1kg with the battery.

Another thing that adds to its lightweight design is the Li-Ion batteries, which tend to be compact, light, and powerful enough.


The power of a tool must be a priority when you are looking to purchase one. The reason for this is that it determines if the power tool can handle your project accordingly. It comes with an input power of 18V, which can spit no-load speeds ranging from 0 to 7000RPM.

The 18V brushless motor is meant to run with the needed power while cutting down the vibrations. This motor combines excellent power with a notably long lifetime. It runs electronically and is meant to cut down heat and reduce wearing out of the brushes. Keep in mind that the compactness allows you to use it freely and effortlessly.

There is a Syneon Chip on board, which is meant to regulate the energy requirements based on the user requirements. With this, the saw ensures that you utilize every drop of power from the battery.


This saw comes with a 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of trimming hedges, drilling, or grinding. It is flexible enough and delivers enough power for handling the projects accordingly. Besides that, the battery comes with a Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) that is meant to prevent it from overloading, discharging, or overheating.


This saw comes with a NanoBlade technology that offers you swift sawing with no vibrations. The brushless motor also makes eliminates the vibrations while maximizing the power. Thanks to the anti-vibration Nano-Blades, you won’t need any clamping with this saw.

Cutting Capacity

This saw can cut 100m of laminate flooring and it can also saw softwood materials of 100m. The default cutting depth is 65mm, which is decent enough.

User Experience

One thing to love about this powerful tool when it comes to using it is that it comes with a compact design. Furthermore, the anti-vibration design allows you to use it with better control. There is a soft grip zone at the handle that offers superior control and comfortable handling. Changing the blade is effortless, thanks to the SDS system that lets you make the changes without the need for any special tool.

The tool is maintenance-free, where you won’t need to tension, sharpen, or oil it in any way.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle
  • SDS system allows for quick and keyless blade changes
  • NanoBlade technology reduces vibrations
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Syneon Chip regulates power based on the project needs


  • Some thought the price was too high


If you want a reliable jigsaw for working around the home and in the garden, Bosch AdvancedCut 18 would fit you perfectly. It is lightweight, powerful, and performs excellently too. The ergonomics and design of the power tool are also worth the mention. You can be confident of having better control and comfort when using this tool.

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  • Nano blade technology
  • Versatile
  • High precision
  • Low maintenance
  • SDS system

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