Bosch AdvancedRecip 18

Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

If you have a few simple demolition tasks that need to be done, the Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 is just the tool for you. You will be able to deal with any soft copper pipes, branches, and studs that are 3 cm in diameter which is good. It is a powerful tool that is reasonably heavy and will suit those who want to do tasks such as debranching, demolition, and cutting.

Extremely affordable if you have a tight budget and you get some incredible features as a bonus. Since it’s cordless, it needs a battery however, with a battery life of 20 minutes, this is something that works against what is a fantastic tool. On a positive note, there is a battery level indicator that lets you know how much battery life you have left before you need to place it on a charge.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • 18V system compatibility – The AdvancedRecip 18 uses a lithium-ion battery that is compatible with other Bosch tools if you have any. It is a very flexible battery that can work effectively and swap out from one tool to another. There is no need for you to purchase another battery because the one that works on the Bosch product range of saws, drills, the lawnmower will also work when inserted in this tool.
  • SDS tool-less system – This wonderful system allows you to easily and quickly change the blades on the saw.
  • Counterbalanced design – To ensure that you handle this tool effortlessly, it has a counterbalanced design.
  • Ergonomic shape – The shape of this tool opens up the possibility for multiple grip positions. It reduces tiredness or fatigue because it is very comfortable and will not cause any strains on your arms as most tools do.


  • Affordable – Some saws on the market are very expensive but only give you a handful of features. The case is different from this saw because it is not very expensive, the price you pay is very reasonable and you get plenty of good features.
  • Effective – A great choice for anyone who wishes to cut firewood and branches. You also get deep cuts when using it on materials such as plasterboard, rubber, chipboard, plastic, and steel.
  • Battery level indicator – Knowing the amount of battery life you have left is important because it prevents the tool from dying on your at a moment’s notice. This tool has a battery level indicator which allows you to monitor how much time you have left before you have to put the tool on the charger.
  • Lightweight – Most people require their power tool to not be bulky to achieve the best results. Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 compared to others isn’t the heaviest making it very easy to work with. It strikes a good balance between being light but not very light which is great for beginners.


  • Short battery life – One of the major complaints people have is the battery life of this tool. A large number of people feel the battery at 20 minutes is very short and wish it was longer.
  • Bothersome vibrations – Tools that vibrate too much can make your cut less accurate and precise. The second issue this tool has is it vibrates a little which can be extremely bothersome for other people who are less experienced with such tools.
  • The battery needs charging – Tools that are powered by a battery require you to charge them from time to time. This tool is no different and when the battery is about to die, you’ll need to charge it.

Final Verdict

Overall the Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 is suited for coarse and quick cuts if you live in an area that gets a lot of power cuts. You can use it to cut firewood and branches however, it is great for other miscellaneous demolition and building jobs. It is one of those saws that is very easy to handle and thanks to low vibration as well as a comfortable grip, you will not lose control. The SDS saw blade system it has allows you to change blades quicker. The LED light means you can use it in the dark or poorly lit room and the battery indicator lets you know how much battery life you have left before it dies.

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  • Ergonomic shape
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Deep cuts in wood
  • SDS
  • 18 Volts

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