Bosch EasyCut 12

Bosch EasyCut 12 Cordless Saw (12V Lithium-Ion Battery) Review

The cordless Bosch EasyCut 12 has made the sawing job in various materials easy. Vibration-free sawing with ease and accuracy is the best feature of this nanoblade. It is lightweight and compactly packed with useful and helpful traits. It is powered with a 12 V battery, reliable and durable. This mini chainsaw is a perfect tool for DIY enthusiasts who are looking for a robust and trustworthy tool for all their interior and exterior projects. It is a dream tool for gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

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EasyCut 12 Features:

  • Power source – 12 V lithium-ion batteries, which come with a charger, and the batteries are said to withstand workload for about 2.5 Ah between charging intervals, it is also cordless, this makes it easy to work.
  • Its length from the base of the handle is 30 cm, from top to the bottom of the cutting area the dimensions are 7.5 cm and it is 5.5 cm wide.
  • This Bosch tool is really lightweight, weighing just around 900 grams or 1.9 lb. it also features a wrist strap attached to it for extra support.
  • The trigger features a safety lock, which can be released using the switch.
  • The model has been designed for both: the right-handed and left-handed workers.
  • The saw also comes with an exciting range of accessories like an easy to transmit protective carry case, rechargeable and replaceable batteries, a protective cap, and a wrist or hand strap.


  • The EasyCut 12 tool by Bosch is powered by a rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery and comes with a charger; this becomes very money-saving, as you don’t have to purchase batteries or chargers separately.
  • It is lightweight and only weighs 1.9 lb, which makes handling it very easy and comfortable. An additional hand strap has been designed for added support and soothe.
  • The Nano blade is vibration-free and as all the pulsation has been eliminated it makes cutting through any materials very easy and accurate without being hindered by any swaying motions.
  • The design of the Bosch saw makes it ideal for single-handed use and can be used either if you’re a left-handed or right-handed.
  • It can cleanly cut through most of the materials, be it pallet woods, slats, dowels or wildly branches have grown in the backyard. It is ideal for gardening as this tiny chainsaw can cut smoothing and cleanly without making too much mess. Its accuracy comes in super handy when pruning or trimming delicate plants.
  • Its stroke rate is no-load and ranges from 0 to 4100 revolutions per minute giving a clean and accurate end product.
  • Its soleplate is made of steel, which makes it extremely durable and proves to be better guidance for cutting.
  • Its capacity in wood is 65 mm in-depth, which makes it idyllic for cutting thick branches and panels of wood.


  • The saw teeth become dulled by the use and the saw cuts slowly which makes cutting difficult and time-consuming.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery: 12 V, 2.5 Ah.
  • The stroke rate ranges from 0 to 4100 revolutions per minute.
  • The net weight of this Bosch product is around 0.9 kg or 1.9 lb.
  • The blade used in the chainsaw is Nano Blade, which renders straight and fast cuts.
  • The depth of cuts in wood is 65 mm.
  • The soleplate is made of steel and the mini chainsaw is linked up with a 4 mm micro chain so the result is just like a regular chainsaw.
  • It is a vibration-free tool, which delivers accurate, and precise cutting. It also has a comfortable soft-grip handle.
  • The EasyCut 12 saw comes with functional and practical accessories like protective cap, nanoblade for easy cut, a wrist strap for additional support and a rechargeable battery along with a charger.
  • The micro chain does not require the need for any additional lubrication.


Bosch EasyCut 12 is the ultimate chainsaw when it comes to day-to-day gardening or DIY projects. It has all the practical accessories and functions that can become helpful in cutting and sawing. This is a very powerful tool available in the market as compared to the competitors. Buy one and start your DIY project today.

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EasyCut 12 Rating


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  • NanoBlade technology
  • Fast cutting to length
  • Syneon Chip
  • Vibration-free working
  • Compact and convenient

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