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Bosch EasyCut 50 Corded NanoBlade Saw Review

If you’re lacking in experience but you are passionate about DIY, the Bosch EasyCut 50 is a wonderful tool that offers precision and plunge cuts with your projects. The standout feature of this tool is the unique NanoBlade saw technology plus a saw blade that has a revolving micro chain comprising linking measuring around 4 mm. These are just two of its best features but there’s more.

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Key Features

  • The NanoBlade saw blade technology – The best thing about having the NanoBlade is its low-vibration operation and the durability of the actual saw blade itself. It is great for trimming 100 m of laminate flooring or sawing 100 m of softwood. Such a level of versatility is very important when you have so many materials to work with because the NanoBlade saw blade is maintenance-free. There is no need for you to worry about clamping, oiling, and sharpening.
  • Easy blade changing – When it comes to changing the blade, you will notice that it is very easy to do so. All you have to do is simply open the end cap, replace the saw blade, and then close the end cap again. This makes the EasyCut 50 user friendly for anyone who is a beginner and trying to get their feet wet in the world of DIY.
  • Optimum handling – As pointed above, this tool has a NanoBlade, it helps you achieve accurate cuts with perfect perpendicularity.
  • Soft grip cover – The soft grip cover that is on the handle of the tool ensures optimum user comfort. This is what anyone needs with a power tool because working with an uncomfortable tool can make easy jobs a lot harder than they should be. This feature also makes the EasyCut 50 not only comfortable but also easy to guide when you’re cutting materials of different sizes.
  • Plunge cuts without pre-drilling – You don’t need to worry about pre-drilling when it comes to plunge cuts. All you have to do is simply switch the saw on, support it on the soleplate and simply lower the NanoBlade into the center of the workpiece.


  • You can make mitre cuts with ease – You can effortlessly make precise mitre cuts up to 45 degrees with this tool. To carry this out, you simply use the quick-release clamping screw to set the exact tilt angle for the mitre cut and you can begin cutting what you want.
  • You can precisely track your cut line easily –  If you happen to mark out a cutting line this tool allows you to keep an eye on this even while sawing. This means that you can track it and effortlessly produce precise cuts all the time.
  • Cleaner finishes on materials – The presence of a splinter guard means that you can make accurate cuts without shearing the surface of the material which is wonderful for anyone who wants to achieve clean results.
  • Lightweight – you will have no issues using EasyCut 50 because it weighs just 1.6 kgs. This is very light when compared with many other rooms on the market and the advantage of working with such tools is it reduces the strain on your hand which can cause fatigue and many other hand-related injuries if you don’t have experience working with power tools.
  • Very cheap model – Many people might look at the cheap price and think that this tool isn’t up to the task.  With 500 W in your hand and a no-load speed rate of between 0 – 7800 RPM, this tool is certainly a lot more powerful than people give it credit for. It also has a cutting depth in wood of 50 mm.


  • Corded tool – You have to be careful when working around tools that have a cord because the chances of suffering injuries from trips and falls are very high.

Final Verdict

Take away the fact that this tool is corded,  the Bosch EasyCut 50 is a tool that can do no wrong. It gives you 500 W and a no-load speed rate of between 0 – 7800 RPM which is enough to effortlessly cut materials like wood, plastic, and steel. The fact that it is lightweight makes it user-friendly, portable, and easy to store. If you have limited space in your home, this room will not take up space and it gives you a smooth finish similar to that of high-end models.

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EasyCut 50 Review


Our Rating



  • Precise and clean results
  • Mitre cuts
  • Clean application
  • Precisely track your cut line
  • Low-vibration operation

1 thought on “Bosch EasyCut 50 Corded NanoBlade Saw Review”

  1. I am no slouch at DIY and hobbyist and thought this
    saw would be a great asset, but I found it to be reasonably useless. It rips up the top of the wood and the blade kerfs block within seconds and the dust guard does not sit flush with the saw base.
    Maybe it was a faulty unit, but no idea how to stop the blade teeth getting blocked.
    Worst Bosch tool I’ve bought.

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