Bosch Professional GKS 12V-26

Bosch Professional GKS 12V-26 Cordless Circular Saw Review

Impressive, powerful, and fast, the Bosch GKS 12V-26 is one of a kind. Even though it is lightweight, it is versatile to handle materials like plastic, wood, metal, and more. To ensure you have no issues with comfort, Bosch made sure this saw has an ergonomic design which makes it easy for you to be precise with your cuts and the LED light makes your job easier in the dark. There is no denying that you’re getting a high-quality product here and below are it’s wonderful features.

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Key Features

  • Excellent precision – The GKS 12V-26 offers you a very high level of precision thanks to the inbuilt scales for angle (0 – 45 degrees) and depth (26.5 mm) cuts. You also get an all in one parallel guide with this too as well as a guide rail adapter giving you a high level of accuracy.
  • Excellent light – This Bosch tool has a very bright LED light which you can use to cut a straight light when you’re working in a dark room or space. Visibility is very important in dark rooms because it prevents injuries.
  • Dust extraction – The tool has an amazing built-in dust extraction adapter. You can connect this to a vacuum cleaner and suck up any debris you might have.
  • Easy handling – This saw has a very small barrel grip diameter. Since it doesn’t weigh much coming in at just 1.4 kgs, the tool can be operated with one hand comfortably and you are always in control.


  • Battery indicator – Sometimes it can be hard to know how much battery life you have before a power tool dies on you. This can be worse if the battery runs out while you are in the middle of your projects. There is a battery indicator on this saw which lets you know how much battery life you have left until you finish your job and put it on a charge.
  • Good running time – When the battery is fully charged, the 2.0 Ah battery will have enough power for you to cut up to 20 metres of MDF. You can cut up to 40 metres if you use a 4.0 Ah battery.
  • Electronic cell protection – You need to insert two batteries to use this Bosch tool and it features electronic cell protection (ECP) along with COOLPACK cooking technology for extended battery life.
  • Impressive speed – Speed in power tools is very important because it reduces the amount of time you spend working on a job. The slower the speed, the to cut materials, the longer it will take you to finish a job. When a tool is fast, the quicker you’ll finish your jobs. The GKS 12V-26 has a no-load speed of 1400 RPM which is reasonably fast. There are faster tools out there but this is impressive and you will be able to cut wood and other applications effortlessly.
  • Low noise – noise can be very distracting for people. Some people can’t work properly with a noisy power tool because they find it hard to keep their focus. If you are one that doesn’t like noisy tools, you will be pleased with this saw because it operates quietly unlike many other tools.


  • Batteries need charging – despite the batteries having an impressive run time, you still need to change them when they run out. This is different from corded tools that offer you an unlimited power supply as long as they are plugged into a socket.
  • Needs a tool to change blades – You get an Allen key with your purchase because it doesn’t have any tool-less blade change feature. This can be frustrating for people who are not good at changing tools using this key.

Final verdict

Overall, the GKS 12V-26 circular saw is one of the most compact tools you can buy and it’s great for cutting wood. Excellent ergonomic design on the handle and 1.4kgs in weight, you can work with this saw for many hours comfortably without feeling tired. There is a battery indicator which is a lovely touch that allows you to see how long you have left before you charge and you can connect it to a vacuum to clean up your work area than links to the dust extraction adapter. If you want to use it in the dark, it’s ok because it has an LED for such occasions.

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Bosch GKS 12V-26


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  • Compact design
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Light weight
  • Bright LED
  • Precise cuts

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