Bosch Professional GSA 12V-14

Bosch Professional GSA 12V-14 Cordless Sabre Reciprocating Saw Review

Reciprocating saws are a go-to tool for demolishing and remodelling operations that require cutting wood, metal or plastics. They offer less precision than jigsaws but are best-suited for this kind of operations because of their design, handling and power. In this article, we will review the Bosch GSA 12v-14 reciprocating saw.

What’s the price?

Our evaluation of this tool hinges on its build quality, overall cutting performance, ease of use and its exception functions and features that make it better than competitive products. We will also look at the device’s flaws and limitations. So, at the end of this review, you should know whether this tool best suits you.

Product Overview

GSA 12V-LI is a cordless, lightweight and compact universal sabre saw (most compact design in its class) equipped with fast cutting performance and suitable for tight workspaces. The tool comes with a design dissimilar to the conventional reciprocating saw and it gives it better handling and more user convenience. 

Ergonomics and an advanced battery system is this tool’s most standout feature. Yet,it also features an intuitive interface that provides more information like battery level, overload warning and more for the user. Still, other exceptional functions make the device versatile, high-performing and easy to use.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • High-quality Motor: Brushless motors are the game-changers of driving systems. They, unlike their brushed counterparts, come in lightweight and compact design but with more torque per weight. This device comes with a brushless drive system that allows it to deliver outstanding power and torque needed for cutting operation without compromising its size, weight and overall efficiency. 
  • Cutting performance: We know that regardless of a compact design and a top-quality motor if the cutting performance of a saw is poor, the tool is inadequate. This saw falls under the “Professional family” of Bosch power-tools and therefore ideal for heavy-duty application on wood, plastic and metal. It delivers up to 3000 strokes per minutes but is only ideal for cutting no more than 65mm in wood and 50mm in metal profiles/pipes.
  • Battery: Every cordless power-tool uses a battery to drive its operation (pneumatic tools aren’t so popular anymore). So what’s special about this device’s battery? Although the battery and charger are sold separately, the tool comes with an advanced battery system featuring the CoolPack technology and Lithium-ion technology. The CoolPack technology describes a special housing geometry that allows the battery to constantly dissipate heat outwards through a cooling fin. Thus, keeping the unit cooler than conventional batteries and providing longer runtime.

Lithium-ion technology uses an advanced system to maximize productivity by fast charging. Precisely, your spare battery can get at least 80 percent charged before you exhaust the one on your tool.

  • Intuitive Interface: The GSA 12V-14 provides two methods for avoiding overload. First, it has an Electronic Cell Protection Function that avoids total discharge, overheating and overloading of the device. Secondly, the tool features an overload warning indicator the operator can monitor while working.

For most saws, you only know that the battery is low when the power output diminishes. However, on this device, there is a battery level indicator that lets practically know how much energy is left in the battery.

Product specification

Dimension22 x 34 x 15cm
Strokes Per Minute0-3000spm
Stroke Length14.5mm
Battery Voltage12V
Battery IncludedNo
Included componentsS 511 DF Blade for Wood & Metal, S 522EF Blade for Metal, and Reciprocating Saw.


This saw has a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight design – most compact design in its class
  • Excellent ergonomics – small-grip circumference for better handling
  • SDS system for fast and easy saw blade changes
  • Lithium-ion and CoolPack technology for longer runtime and battery lifetime
  • Integrated LED worklight
  • An Electronic Cell Protection system
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Suitable for confined workspaces


  • Fairly small cutting depth

Recommendation and Buying Option

If you are looking for a portable but powerful reciprocating jigsaw for light to heavy-duty operations in your home, office or workshop, Bosch GSA 12v-14 is surely a great pick. It offers a great value for its price and its features and functions guarantee an excellent, convenient and more intuitive cutting operation. However, you must note that its cutting depth is merely 65mm in wood and 50mm in metal profiles/pipes.

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GSA 12V-14 Rating


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  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Long stroke length
  • Reversible blade holder
  • Professional 12V system

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