Bosch Professional GST 150 CE

Bosch GST 150 CE 240V Corded Jigsaw Review

Generally, jigsaws come with different buildsand designs suitable for tackling different levels of tasks. Those tagged as “professional jigsaws” come with superior construction for handling heavy-duty cutting operations. In this article, we will review the Bosch GST 150 CE jigsaw.

What’s the price?

Our assessment will focus on the device cutting performance, build-quality, long-lasting ability, ease of use as well as other extra features. So, at the end of this review, you should tell the device strength and weakness. Most importantly, you would know whether this tool matches your preference and if it will be a great buy.

Product Overview

GST 150 CE is the barrel-handle type of the most powerful Bosch Jigsaw within its price class. This device comes with a superior-quality motor suitable for cutting large pieces of wood for long periods without a current overload. This device may not come with some out-of-the-box features like a laser guide for cutting but it is capable of making very precise cuts without the need for another smoothing operation on the workpiece. This high level of precision and accuracy is possible because of the device’s new saw blade clamping system.

The tool also comes with other outstanding functions that guarantee convenience even on long heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Robust Motor: Being professional, this tool comes with a high-grade 750W rated motor. This motor provides enough power to drive easy cutting tasks as well as heavy-duty cutting operations efficiently without overheating or any current overload. Motor rating may not so much affect the cutting accuracy but goes a long way to determine the size and materials any jigsaw can cut.

This tool delivers a staggering 3100 no-load strokes per minute. So, you can be sure that the high-power motor along with this high stroke rate will produce a robust and brilliantly finished cutting operation.  You can alter this stroke rate between 500-3100 to account for different work materials.

  • Cutting Performance: The power and stroke combo already ensures an outstanding cutting operation. Yet, the device still has a 4-stage pendulum action to account for fine through to coarse cuts and an improved blade clamping system to further improve the precision of cuts.

Overall, these cutting functions alongside its electronic speed preselection option make cutting through different materials with the same highlevel of accuracy possible.

The maximum cutting depth of this tool is 150mm in wood, 10mm in non-alloyed steel, and 20mm in aluminum.

  • Build Quality: The motor capacity and cutting performance alone does not determine the quality of a jigsaw. Specifically, jigsaws come with a baseplate that should be sturdy enough to withstand bend after frequent use. In line with that, this tool comes with an extremely robust and bend-resistant soleplate that’ll let you get a perfectly perpendicular cut on your workpiece.
  • Dust Control: If you must get a precise cut, you need to handle your device perfectly around the markings you made on the item. This might become difficult when sawdust from your cutting covers those marks. To account for that, the tool has a dust blowing function that lets you connect a vacuum cleaner for effective sawdust or metal shaving extraction. 
  • Handling: This tool has a barrel-type handle and this handle type provides a better, more comfortable, and firm grip of the device than bow-handle jigsaws. Still, the GST 150 CE also features rubberized over-mould on the handle to further improve user’s comfort as well as the appliance’s overall handling

Product Specification

Dimension19 x 26 x 11cm
Strokes Per Minute500-3100spm
Stroke Length26mm
Included componentsAnti-Splintering Device, T 144 DP Saw Blade, Dust Extraction Set, Glide Shoe, Suction Nozzle, and Jigsaw.


This product comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Superb cutting precision from its improved saw clamping system
  • Most powerful jigsaw within its price class
  • Excellent build quality
  • Barrel-handle type
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cutting


  • May be tricky for users only familiar with bow-handles
  • Pricey


Overall, if you are seeking a powerful jigsaw yet with extreme ease of use for heavy-duty cutting operations, Bosch GST 150 CE is an excellent option to consider. It may be a little pricey but its quality construct, excellent cutting performance, and superior-grade motor justify its price.

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GST 150 CE Rating


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  • Tool-free clamping system
  • Ergonomic grip area
  • 4 stage pendulum action
  • Electronic speed preselection
  • 500 - 3100 spm

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