Bosch Professional GST 90 BE

Bosch Professional GST 90 BE Corded 240V Jigsaw Review

If you are a professional craftsperson, your choice of a power-tool will be very much different from that of a DIYer. Certainly, you’ll be very interested in power, performance, and construct suitable for heavy-duty applications. Whereas, DIYers will priorities ease of use, user-friendliness, and power for medium-scale applications. Designers provide a perfect blend for both professionals and DIYers by making products with top-quality performance with extreme ease of use and user-friendliness. Bosch GST 90 BE jigsaw is one of such products.

What’s the price?

In this review, you’ll get a detailed assessment of this device – its build quality, performance, standout features, and more. Additionally, you will discover how this product fairs with other jigsaws from different brands within its price and intended purpose.

Product Overview

GST 90 BE is a professional, powerful, and reliable bow handle jigsaw with an entry-class level of convenience and ease of use. The tool provides a strong, precise, and smooth cutting performance with its high-quality parts and superior-grade construct. Equipped with a powerful 650W motor, electronic speed control, and the 4-stage pendulum action, cutting operations with this device gives an accurate and professional finish on your workpiece.

The jigsaw also comes with several outstanding features and functions that guarantee maximum user convenience, the safety of the user and machine as well as an excellent cutting result at all times.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • High Power Motor: The GST 90 BE comes with a high-power motor rated 650W. Compared to other jigsaws this can be quite small. However, you shouldn’t let what you don’t need to bother you. While the motor rating determines how much load the device can carry ant its runtime, it does a little on its cutting ability. In other words, a 750W motor does not necessarily provide a cleaner cut than a 650W motor. The real deal is its available stroke per minute.

As seen on other top-quality jigsaws, this device gives strokes of over 3000spm – precisely 3100spm. So, the motor power along with its available strokes makes this device dependable for strong performance and fast progress every day.  

  • Cutting Ability: The cutting performance of this tool is outstanding. First, the device features a selectable 3-stage or 4-stage pendulum action for tear-free cuts. This function along with its electronic speed control makes the tool suitable and adaptable for cutting on various materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. In more definite terms, thissaw can cut up to 90mm thick wood, 10mm steel, and 20mm aluminum.
  • Build Quality and Convenience: Generally, Bosch power-tools come with a superior-grade construct with long-lasting abilities and this device does too. It features a bend-resistant steel base plate that makes the device stable, resilient, and reliable. This firm base also lets you get a perfectly perpendicular height when cutting through wood.

This superb performance and build-quality are blended with extreme user convenience. First, it features the Bosch SDS tool-less system for a secure, fast, and simple blade change along with adding confidence and allowing for high-precision cuts. Also, the saw ensures minimal user fatigue with its ergonomically shaped bow handle for grip, its rubberized over-mould for comfort.

  • Dust Control: Sawing through wood or metal will see the sawdust or metal shavings obstructing the user’s view of the workpiece markings. Yet, that problem is corrected on this device with its dust-blowing function. This feature, as it sounds, ensures effective dust extraction and can be attached to a vacuum cleaner. 

Product specification

Dimension21 x 25x 10cm
Strokes Per Minute800-3100spm
Stroke Length26mm
Included componentsAnti-Splintering Device, Dust Extraction Set, Allen Key, Carrying Case, and Jigsaw.


This product comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Superior-grade construct
  • Adjustable pendulum stroke with 3-stage or 4-stage settings
  • Electronic speed control
  • Quick, easy, and convenience tool-less bit changes


  • A bit pricey


All in all, Bosch GST 90 BE is a powerful device suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts for heavy-duty cutting operations. The tool comes with excellent features and functions that guarantee a high-precision cutting operation while keeping user convenience maximum. The tool may be quite high-end but its performance and build justify its price.

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GST 90 BE Rating


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  • 650 Watt motor
  • Great convenience
  • Low fatigue
  • Controlled cutting
  • Dust control

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