Bosch Professional GTS 10 XC

Bosch Professional GTS 10 XC Corded 240V Table Saw Review

The Bosch GTS 10 XC is a wonderful table saw that many home woodworkers look out for when they are on the hunt for something powerful to use on their projects. It is not big but it’s packed with some amazing features.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Sliding table – This is a feature that is not found on many saws. It is very useful because it does have a bit of play offering a decent level of accuracy even though it’s not perfect. The table can also be extended allowing you to mount a router turning your station into a router table. The saw fence can then be used when needed for the router table too. You can use this extension for a larger rip capacity of 650 mm which can make a massive difference during projects.
  • Cutting depth – This GTS 10 XC saw gives you a cutting height of up to 79 mm, cutting capacities of up to 635 mm to the right and 250 mm to the left of this incredibly made saw.
  • Self-adjusting parallel guide – This feature was added to ensure that you have more precise cuts every time you use it.
  • Powerful motor – With 2100 W in your hands, you will be able to cut the light even the toughest of materials like wood, metal, steel, and more.
  • Durable – Everything about this tool from the slide table to the blades was all made from very durable materials. Tools that are made from cheap materials don’t last long and will fall apart after a few uses. This tool is different from everything else on the market because it is known for its durability.


  • Affordable – For all the features this Bosch saw has, one would think the market asking price is very high. This is one of those tools that clearly define, value for money. You get more than you pay for thanks to the sliding table that gives you plenty of room to cut materials that are longer with ease.
  • Motor brake – There is a brake on the motor which allows you to bring the tool to a complete stop when you have to prevent serious injuries.
  • Versatile – The GTS 10 XC is one of the most versatile tools you can buy due to the integrated slide carriage which gives you more workout room. Versatility is also thanks to the table and extension as a table widener.
  • Tool-free lowering – On some tools, you need a tool to be able to lower the riving knife for more concealed cute.  With this Bosch saw, there is no need to lower the riving knife with tools because it can be done without one.
  • Lightweight – You would think that table saws are very heavy products but that’s not the case with this one. This tool is super lightweight and you can move it around with ease. You can also use this for hours without suffering from any strains or tiredness. Some projects require you to invest plenty of time in and with this tool, you can be able to do them in a single session without setting them to the side and finishing them off later on.


  • Expensive – A tool of this nature doesn’t come cheap and you need to pay top dollar for most table saws on the market. This tool has held up in value despite being out for a while and whether you choose to purchase it online or in-store, the asking price can be expensive for some people.
  • Loud motor – The first thing that many people complain about with this tool is the motor. It is very noisy and can cause frustration and distraction during projects for some people. There are solutions like wearing earplugs if you can’t deal with the noise.
  • Not as accurate – When you compare this tool to cabinet saws, you will see that it lacks the same level of accuracy. While it is fairly accurate, cabinet saws are much more accurate.

Final verdict

The Bosch GTS 10 XC has a very powerful motor with a great blade side meaning that it can handle everything that a DIYer throws at it. You can mount a router to this table plus the sliding table is a very nice addition to the tool because you don’t see that on a lot of tools.

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  • 2100 watt motor
  • Versatile
  • Tool-free lowering
  • Self-adjusting parallel guide
  • Cutting heights up to 79mm

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