Bosch PSA 700 E

Bosch PSA 700 E Multi-Saw Review

The Bosch PSA 700 E will put a smile on your face because it is a wonderful choice for a wide range of DIY cutting jobs in your home or garden. It is compatible with standard saw blades sold on the market making it one of the most affordable long term. It doesn’t have any special specs or attachments for you to be concerned about.

What’s the price?

It ensures it performs to its full capacity, Bosch equipped it with a very strong motor. You are guaranteed consistent performance all the time thanks to a 750 W motor that will let you cut a variety of materials. Since the tool is corded, you have to be very careful working with it to avoid trips or accidentally cutting the power cable. If your reach is limited, you need to buy an extension cord which is a major drawback for some people. Below are the features this saw brings to the table.

Key Features

  • Durable – The whole tool is constructed from some of the best plastic and metal you can find on a saw. The PSA 700 E is far superior when compared to other cheap models on the market making it very stable and durable. A tool that can withstand some punishment is good because you know you won’t be replacing it anytime soon.
  • Variable speed setting – Bosch made sure that the design of this tool was smooth. It has a speed trigger that allows you to control how fast you want to cut and stop at will.
  • Adjustable shoe – This is a very useful feature for a variety of reasons because it allows you to optimize the tool when you’re using it. You can cut up to 150 mm in wood as well as 10 mm in steel. The stroke length of 20 mm makes it perfect for both regular and domestic use.


  • Ergonomic design – The soft grip on this saw is incredible because it is very comfortable and you can use this tool for hours without feeling tired.
  • Optimum sawing speed – The electronic speed control that is found on this saw allows variable speed with smooth acceleration from zero to maximum.
  • Versatile sawing – The PSA 700 E comes with a variety of accessories for you to use for different jobs. You get anything from wood cutting blades, flexible bi-metal blades, and metal blades.
  • Effortless changing of blades – equipped with SDS technology, you can safely change the blades within seconds without the need for any extra tools.
  • Offers sufficient power – With an amazing 710 W motor, this saw will cut through even the toughest materials you have. Whether you are buying it for renovating and converting a room or some garden work, this tool gives you a high level of performance.
  • Multipurpose tool – This saw is great for home use especially if you have projects in the garden like cutting plastic, wood, and metal as long as you insert the right blade.
  • Lightweight – At just 3 kgs, this tool is very light to use for both beginners and professionals. It is a very easy tool to store because it doesn’t take up much space in your workshop.


  • You only get one wood blade – While many saws on the market will come with multiple blades for different types of wood, this saw only comes with one wood blade.
  • Only good for small projects – Carrying on from the point above, since it only comes with one wood blade, you can use this saw for small projects only. You cannot use this for big projects.
  • Corded – Since it is not battery powered and needs to be plugged to a power source, your reach can sometimes be limited. If you’re not a fan of corded tools, you need to buy cordless or battery-powered ones.

 Final Verdict

Overall the Bosch PSA 700 E is super lightweight and great for garden jobs and any other small jobs you might have around the house. It has a powerful motor which makes it easy to cut through a variety of materials and the asking price is very fair. Since it only comes with one wood blade, it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts while a professional tradesman who does a lot of heavy-duty jobs should look at more powerful models in the Brosch range.

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  • Quick cuts in wood
  • Bow design handle
  • Ergonomic softgrip handle
  • Corded Electric
  • 710 watts

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