Bosch PST 700 E

Bosch PST 700 E Compact Jigsaw Review

Germany is a country that is known for efficiency from cars and to power tools. With the Bosch PST 700 E, you get a product that is made from a company that has a good reputation, offers quality, and is perfect for both professionals and casual users.

It is a product that has received plenty of positive reviews from customers because of its key features like a powerful motor, switchable air blast function, ergonomic design, and more. Below is a detailed look at the features you get when you decide this tool.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • 500 W motor – This motor gives you a 7cm cutting depth when it comes to wood, 4mm when it comes to steel and, a 1 cm when it comes to aluminum. It can hold its own when it comes to most professional and DIY jobs you might have.
  • Easy to swap blades – You can switch the blades on the PST 700 E easily just by the push of a button. There is no need for keys or any extra tools.
  • User switchable air blow – This is one of this power tool’s stand out features because it allows you to blow away any debris so that you can make a precise cut without having your line of sight blocked.
  • Sawdust extraction port – At the rear of the tool, there is a sawdust attraction port that you can attach a vacuum cleaner to and clean up any debris leaning your work area clean.


  • Versatile – Professional tradesmen always look for tools that give them value for their money. A tool that is not one dimensional can be the difference between getting things done quickly or not. You can angle the footplate on this tool up to 45 degrees from the horizontal. This means your angled cuts are very precise especially if you are dealing with material that’s very tricky.
  • Lightweight – When compared to other Bosch models, this one is more user friendly and lighter. Slightly heavier tools can be very difficult to work with but with this jigsaw, you can easily store it because it doesn’t take up much space in your home or workshop plus even if you’re new to DIY, you’ll find this tool very easy to move around.
  • Price – People have different financial situations depending on their line of work. Some people will have more money than others however, with this jigsaw, the great news is it’s a very affordable tool. The price is minimal and you can get it for a bargain online or at your local DIY store.
  • Low vibration emission – Too much vibration can bring a few health issues like tingling and loss of sensation in fingers, loss of light touch, and born cysts in wrists and bones. The most popular problem with vibrating tools is a loss of grip however, with an emission value of ah 10.0 m/s², you won’t have to worry about losing your grip or health issues.
  • Ergonomic design – The PST 700 E is very comfortable to use this to its soft grip. There is little chance of you losing control when you use this tool because Bosch made sure it suits everyone no matter their skill level.


  • No orbital motion feature – This jigsaw works the same way many others do on the market. You get an up and down motion only while those with an orbital motion feature move slightly forward on the piece you cut them on an upswing.  They also move backward during a downstroke when the blade is resetting for your next stroke.
  • No variable speed control dial – a control dial is there to allow you to control the maximum speed of a jigsaw, however, this desire is absent here. Instead, you can control the blade speed thanks to a responsive trigger.

Final Verdict

Overall Bosch PST 700 E is an extremely compact tool that guarantees 100% comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. Your curved and straight cuts will always be precise plus you will find it very easy to use since it’s lightweight and has a high level of versatility. Everything from wood, steel, and metal can be cut using this tool and when you’re finished, it can easily be stored without taking up space.

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  • 500W motor
  • Low vibration
  • Suitable for various materials
  • Blast air function
  • SDS system

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