DEWALT DCS365N-XJ XR 184mm Mitre Saw Review

The DEWALT DCS365N-XJ is a tool better suited for a carpenter who moves around a lot and for people who don’t have a reliable power source. This is a brilliant tool to look at with its yellow handle and bulky build. If you are looking for a tool to help you work with interior designing, furniture, and shopfitting as well as door and window construction this saw is the tool for you.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Cordless saw – The DCS365N-XJ makes life easy for you because you don’t have to plug it to a power source or worry about wires.  If you have other Dewalt tools in your collection, the batteries are interchangeable and can be used on this one too. If you are a builder that is looking for a chop saw because it brings that bonus of not having to worry about possibly tripping and falling on cables.
  • Great cutting capacity – This great tool has a mitre angle adjustment system that provides an accurate and consistent setting of mitre angles between 0 and 60 degrees right and 0 and 50 degrees left.
  • Compact – With dimensions of 490 x 590 x 590 mm, you can use this tool in confined space but it is easy to store since it’s lightweight and weighs less than 10 kgs.
  • LED lights – You can use these lights to project the drop show if the saw blade while you’re cutting. You can accurately and quickly align the workpiece with the tear and the cutting area gets illuminated perfectly for you. When the battery on the tool is low, the LED batteries will flash to let you know that you need to charge them.
  • Connect to vacuum – To keep your area clean and tidy, you can connect this tool to your vacuum cleaner. To get the best results, it is advised that you plug the vacuum clear to an AirLock adapter however, it needs to be purchased separately as it doesn’t come with the tool.


  • Lightweight – When compared to other tools, the DCS365N-XJ is very light coming in at just 9 kilos. There are some saws on the weight that weighs over 10kgs which makes the bulky and difficult to use. Anything user 10 kgs is easier to work with.
  • Great motor – The power on this tool delivers a speed of up to 3750 RPM. This gives you the feeling of using a cordless mitre saw that can tackle tough jobs plus the fan inside it means you can expect longevity.
  • Quality build – Major manufactures always use top quality materials to make their tools and this one is no different. It is extremely durable thanks to the strong materials used to construct it and you can put this tool to work every day without it showing any signs of wearing out.
  • Affordable – This DEWALT saw is meant for people that are low on funds and just looking for something that allows them to do some light DIY jobs at home with precision and accuracy.
  • Accuracy – When you’re busy cutting materials, you want to be as accurate as possible. There is an XPS cutline system that projects a perfect shadow on your cut line. This system is a wonderful replacement for a laser guide.
  • Mobile – There are side handles on the side that make it easy for you to carry this tool.


  • Doesn’t come with batteries – before you buy this tool, you need to know that it doesn’t come with batteries. You need to purchase those separately.
  • Needs to be charged – When you are dealing with cordless tools, batteries do run low which means you have to place them on the charge. This is another downside of using cordless tools rather than corded ones.

Final Thoughts

Buying a power tool from Dewalt is a no brainer because you will get a top-quality product that will meet your needs. While you might need to charge the tool when the battery runs low, this tool is powerful, lightweight, and compact. You can use DEWALT DCS365N-XJ easily in tight spaces plus it is extremely portable because it has two side handles. This saw is very highly rated and it is one of the most affordable saws on the market from Dewalt.

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  • XPS cutline system
  • 3750RPM
  • 250 cuts per charge
  • Mitre angle adjustment
  • Heavy-duty motor

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