DEWALT DCS570N Cordless 18V XR Brushless Circular Saw Review

The DEWALT DCS570N is a tool that has a precision 24 tooth saw blade. This is sharp enough to cut through so many materials thanks to a high-quality brushless motor. The manufacturer made sure that their machine is as safe to use as possible. There is a blade brake system on this tool that enables you to stop the tool instantly reducing the risks of injury or damaging any materials. Below are some of the key features you get when you buy this tool.

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Key Features Of The DCS570N

  • High torque brushless motor – DEWALT DCS570N wouldn’t be able to produce the impressive result it does if it didn’t have a brushless motor. It provides some much-needed power and durability for cutting a variety of materials.
  • Stable block construction – Vibrations on tools is something that causes a lot of debate. Some people don’t like their tool vibrating because it affects their performance and others don’t mind it and will work effectively with a tool even if it vibrates. The stable block construction is there for low vibration running and increasing the longevity of the tool.
  • Efficient – The main reason why people buy this saw is for tasks like general purpose ripping, bevelling, and cross-cutting construction materials and wood.
  • Blade brake – Brushless motors that are found on power tools are electric, they’re not mechanical. This makes the brake stop very fast minimizing the risk of suffering serious injuries or causing damage to the material you’re cutting.
  • Smooth adjustments – The bevel angle adjustment and depth of cut can be operated with ease. It has a scale for precise cutting depth setting to 65 mm and the variable adjustment of the bevel angle to 57 degrees.


  • Dust and extraction spout – The best thing about this feature is you can attach a vacuum cleaner to it to suck up any debris or dust from your workstation leaving it clean and tidy.
  • Additional handle – Depending on the material, there are some you can cut with one hand using a power tool however, some materials are strong and require both hands on a power tool. This machine has an additional handle for your safety when doing two-handed work.
  • Ergonomic design – The manufacturers worked on the grip to ensure it is comfortable and supports users who are about to work on projects for a long time. The strain on your hand will be relieved and you won’t get tired quickly with this tool in your hand.
  • Trusted name – When you see the name DEWALT on a power tool, you immediately know exactly what you’ll be getting. You will get a top-quality machine that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them thanks to a whole host of fantastic features.
  • Durable – The manufacturers did not use cheap materials to make their machines. They used the best of the best and you can see that from the metal exterior. DEWALT DCS570N is extremely durable and even when put under the strain of everyday use, it will still be intact and not show any signs of wear. As long as you’re careful and use this machine well, it should be part of your toolkit for years to come because it won’t break easily.


  • Requires batteries – The first major draw of many cordless tools is the requirement for a battery. This tool needs 3 Lithium-ion batteries to work.
  • Expensive – While many people are aware of the fact that they will be getting a top-quality product from a well-known brand, the price does put them slightly. Anyone with limited funds will be looking at cheaper alternatives instead of paying the high price this model commands.

Final Verdict

Overall the DEWALT DCS570N is a great saw that boosts like the brushless motor which offers durability and power when you’re cutting materials. The ergonomic design that DEWALT chose fits this tool perfectly because you can use it for a very long time without feeling tired. At the price this machine is sold for, you can do no wrong investing in it and adding it to your set of tools if you are a DIYer because it is easy to adjust the setting depending on the material and it doesn’t vibrate a lot.

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  • Cross-cutting
  • High torque motor
  • Stable block construction
  • Additional handle
  • Optimum balance

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