Einhell RT-JS 85

Einhell RT-JS 85 240V Electronic Speed Control Jigsaw Review

Jigsaws allows users more control of the cutting operation and are more suitable in making curved, straight, and angled cuts. They come in corded or cordless design and are best suited where flexible cutting is a priority. In this article, we will review the Einhell RT-JS 85 corded jigsaw.

You may not be familiar with this manufacturer but that does not matter. We will provide a detailed assessment of the device’s performance, build-quality, features, and durability. Even more, we will analyze how those qualities compare with corded jigsaws from other manufacturers within the same price range.

What’s the price?

So, if you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsperson seeking a high-performing jigsaw for your projects, you will find this review very helpful. Yet, most importantly, you will discover whether or not this Einhell product ticks all the boxes for you.

Product Overview

RT-JS 85 by Einhell is a mains-powered, pendulum action jigsaw that enables flexible cutting with a high degree of precision. It features an electronic blade speed control and an adjustable pendulum stroke with 4 settings that guarantees high sawing performance on different materials. A standout feature on this tool is its compatibility with T-shaft blades as well as U-shaft blades. Thus, providing more versatility than many competitors. The appliance also comes with a dust extraction option via an adapter, integrated LED light, and hinged view guard to safely monitor your cutting operation.

Some Unique Features Of The RT-JS

  • High Power Motor: This jigsaw comes with a superior-grade 750W motor to drive its cutting operation. The motor delivers up to 1300 strokes per minute. This power and strokes let the device to make straight, mitre, and tight curve cuts with high precision very easily. Because the device has the Quadruple adjustment pendulum stroke, it allows users to vary the stroke between 800- 3000spm for a quick, easy, and cleaner sawing operation.
  • Excellent handling: The RT-JS 85 comes with an exceptional handling ability that allows smooth, easy, and firm operation without compromising the overall quality of the work. Saws with fairly powerful motors delivering relatively high strokes like this device will vibrate when working. However, to minimize the vibration sent to the operator’s hands, this machine comes with rubber over-mould soft-grip handles. The soft-grip handles, as it sounds, also provide a firm and comfortable grip of the tool.

Lastly, the designers made the saw suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

  • Corded: Generally, cordless devices are less powerful than corded ones and the unique advantage of any corded device is that it completely removes worrying about battery, battery percentage, chargers, and the device runtime. They also eradicate the cost of fuel as well as the burdensome noise peculiar to pneumatic tools. This machine uses electricity to drive its operation. So, as long as the supply is uninterrupted, you will enjoy more prolonged use of the tool.
  • Cutting Ability: We know that motor rating, handling, etc., none of those really matter if the saw can’t cut efficiently. This tool is ideal for cutting wood plastic and steel. In more precise terms, the device cuts up to 85mm thick wood, 12mm plastic, and 8mm steel. For angled cuts, the device has a bevel lever that lets you change the cutting angle to 45 degrees.
  • Compatibility and Accessories: For more versatility, this Einhell device is compatible with T-shaft blades and U-shaft blades. Yet, the blades can be changed without any tool. Normally, you will have to wait for the device to completely halt before changing the blades and this can be relatively long. Whereas, this device has a practical blade depot that reduces the stoppage time to a minimum. Supplied with the saw are three blades and a cable clip.

Product Specification

Dimension23 x 31 x 9.5cm
Strokes Per Minute800-3000spm
Maximum Bevel Cut45degrees


This tool has a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Electronic stroke speed control
  • Built-in LED light
  • Adjustable pendulum stroke with 4 settings
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with T-shaft and U-shaft blade
  • Tool-less change of blades
  • Top-quality construct


  • It does not have any high-end feature

Conclusion and Recommendation

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable jigsaw that can make you precise and flexible cuts, Einhell RT-JS 85 is an exciting option to consider. However, low-price is sometimes synonymous with fewer features and that is true for this machine.

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  • Blade change without tools
  • Aluminium soleplate
  • Adjustable pendulum stroke
  • Electronic stroke speed control
  • LED light

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