Einhell TC-AP 650 E All-purpose Saw Review

There is no denying that the Einhell TC-AP 650 E is a very good saw but one of the best things about it is the price. While plenty of saws in this price are being sold at a very high price, this one is affordable for anyone who is looking for an effective tool without draining their bank account.

You will go a long way in finding a saw that has the features this one has at a very low price.  It has stroke speed control, cordless, powerful, and a good grip. It is a DIYer’s best friend when they have to cut materials like steel and wood. Below is a look at what separates from its competition on the market in terms of key features.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Electronic control – Controlling the speed of your cuts is important for getting the best results. This machine has an electronic speed control that allows you to adjust the sensitivity depending on the thickness of the material.
  • Tool-less depth cut adjustment – When you’re dealing with different materials, you need to change the cutting depth to get better results because you can’t have one cutting depth for all materials. The soleplate on this machine is very easy to adjust and there’s no need for an extra tool which is a good thing for those who have little experience with adjusting the cutting depth to suit a material they’re about to cut.
  • Tool-less blade change system – Changing your blades quickly helps get jobs done quicker because it can be time-consuming if you need an Allen key or a screwdriver. With the machine, you can use a blade for cutting wood and another for steel. You can switch between them however you want, whenever you want quickly due to the clever design of this saw.
  • Cordless – The TC-AP 650 E does not have any cable or cord for you to worry about. Your reach has no limit and there is less chance of you tripping and falling which is always a concern when you’re working with corded tools.


  • Ergonomic design – What makes this Einhell tool very comfortable and secure to use is the rubber-coated gear housing it has. You will not have to worry about losing your grip because the area you have to hold on to when using this tool is very large compared to others.
  • Perfect for beginners – If you have a handful of light DIY jobs at home that involve cutting wood and steel, you will not go wrong purchasing this tool because it is great for anyone who is a novice.
  • Low price tag – It is rare to get a top-performing product at a very low price. The TC-AP 650 E is very affordable and if you are low on funds and need something to do some of your light DIY jobs, this is a great tool.
  • Durable – The materials that this Einhell tool is made out of are very strong because the manufacturers know exactly how important it is to make a strong product. As long as you are careful, you should be able to have this tool with you for many years without it showing any dents.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty jobs – If you have a heavy-duty job at home or a job site, you need to look for a more powerful model than this one because it is not suited for those jobs. It is only able to handle light jobs which are a major drawback if you are a professional by trade.
  • Does heat up and produce smoke – If you overuse this machine, it does tend to heat up a lot and produces which is never a good sign. You need to be careful and use this tool wisely otherwise it will malfunction or stop working.

Final Verdict

This versatile and compact Einhell tool shines when you’re using it on light DIY jobs and not heavy ones. You will be impressed with the way it can cut wood and steel thanks to the speed of electric controls. You can adjust the sensitivity of the tool depending on the material you are cutting. One of its biggest selling points is its affordable price. You can buy TC-AP 650 E cheaply in your local shop or online, however, just be careful not to overuse it.

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  • Blade change without tools
  • Soft grip area
  • Electronic stroke speed control
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Tool-less depth of cut adjustment

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