Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 Dual

Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 Dual Drag, Crosscut and Mitre Saw Review

The Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 is very robust, flexible, affordable, and packs with so many amazing features that will help any DIYer or professional do their job. Customers are full of praise with this tool because it is efficient which is something that is to be expected from anything that comes out of Germany. If you have a wide range of woodcutting jobs like building sheds, this is the tool for you, and below are its key features.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Great cutting capacity – The amazing cross-cut sliding mechanism on this tool allows you to make wise cuts of 310 mm at 90 degrees which is good for anyone cutting wider pieces of flooring or cutting panels. When you change the cutting angles, you decrease the width. If you are cutting planks, this saw gives you greater accuracy and the ability to get the job done easily and faster.
  • Double bevel action –  This feature is incredible because it allows you to tool the saw at a 45 degrees angle on either the right or left side. This is good for coving where you might need to cut at an angle on both sides quickly. The table itself is very robust which allows for easy, accurate, and fast setting of the mitre angle 45 degrees either to the right or left side. When it comes to cutting capacity, it doesn’t get any more versatile than this tool.
  • 1800 W motor – With this amount of power, the TC-SM 2131/1 will be able to handle any home DIY job you throw at it. It will not be able to table any heavy-duty jobs because it doesn’t have the power for it and you need to get high-end models with stronger motors.
  • Great saw blade – This model has a 210 mm blade that can shred plastic and wood easily. The only downside to this tool is it’s not meant to cut metal and you might need another model for that.


  • Portable – Weighing around 13kgs, the TC-SM 2131/1 is not very bulky when compared to others. It is something you can easily move around from one job to another but not a tool that you can carry around with you for hours.
  • Dust collection – This tool has a very small bag on the side which you can use to keep your environment clean. While this is effective, you still need to hoover the area to ensure it’s tidy.
  • Blade cover – When the blade is spinning, it is easy for someone to injure themselves while they work. The cover is there to ensure your hands stay as far as possible from the blades.
  • The cutting deck that extends –  Since you can extend the cutting deck, you can cut long materials safely.
  • Worth every penny – The money you pay for this tool is considered a bargain considering the features it brings plus it is one of the easiest tools to set up.
  • Laser guide – This saw is equipped with a laser guide which helps you maintain a high level of accuracy


  • Not good for heavy-duty jobs – If you are a professional who deals with a lot of heavy-duty jobs, you might want to buy a more powerful model because this saw is for home use only. The 240 V power supply it has means it can’t be used at many building sites that require tools with 110 V.
  • Can’t cut metal – Another major downside to this tool is it’s very restricted to cutting only wood and plastic. It is not strong enough to cut metal.

Final Verdict

Overall Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 is a great saw for people who have some light DIY jobs at home. You get so many incredible features at a very low price. While there are models on the market with better motors and lightweight in their design, as a package, not many are better than this one however you need to have enough storage space to house this one. If you are a carpenter or builder, you need to buy another model because you will only be restricted from cutting wood and plastic. This saw isn’t great when you add metal in the mix of materials you’d like to cut.

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  • Corded Electric
  • Sliding mitre saw
  • Carbide-tipped saw blade
  • Integrated mains-powered laser
  • High-quality turntable

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