Einhell TE-AP 18 Li

Einhell TE-AP 18 Li Cordless Universal Saw Review

Einhell isn’t so much of a popular power-tool brand but we can easily say that they do have some powerful products? Is the Einhell TE-AP 18 Li reciprocating saw one of such outstanding device from thismanufacturer? Let’s find out!

In our review of this saw, we will assess its overall cutting performance, build quality, durability, intended purpose of use, the edge over other competitive products and possible flaws. So, at the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to make the right choice on what saw to buy- either this one or others we will suggest to you.

What’s the price?

Product Overview

TE-AP 18 Li – Solo is a cordless reciprocating saw equipped with advanced systems to ensure top-quality cuts at extreme ease of use. The tool most standout feature is its use of a superior-grade triathlon motor that removes the need for maintenance alongside providing greater power without overheating or overloading. Its lightweight design is also worthy of note, weighing only 1.6kg. Yet, there are other exceptional features on this device that keeps its cutting performance, ease of use and durability top-notched.

Some Unique Features of This Product

  • Robust Triathlon Motor: This saw comes with an innovative driving technology to meet the challenging demands of heavy-duty tasks. Thetriathlon motor is a unique brushless motor from Einhell that provides improved performance and energy efficiency while minimizing mechanical abrasion. With this drive system, there is less friction on the motor’s internal component, more torque per weight and increased revolutions per minute than the conventional brushed motors. It comes in a compact and lightweight design free from maintenance, overheating and overloading. Thus, longer lifespan and ideal for large projects.
  • Cutting Performance: The TE-AP is ideal for cutting 100mm in wood and 6mm in steel but no further. It has a stroke height of 22mm and offers maximum stroke amount of 2600spm. However, you can adjust the stoke amount between 0 -2600spm to account for use on different work materials. The solebase is also adjustable to match the cutting area, giving you optimum blade use and better overall cutting performance.
  • Build Quality: Einhell may be a cheap saw but its build quality is nowhere low-end. The tool features the typical hardened plastic body found on pricey brands but also comes with a base rubber support to protect the tool housing. Integrated to the device’s exterior is a rubber over-mould to give users a firm and comfortable grip of the tool while minimizing the vibrations sent to the hands.
  • Tool-less Blade Change: Changing your saw blade, especially while handling large projects, can significantly affect the time spent on a project and the tool’s overall ease of use. For that reason, this tool comes with a spring-loaded clamping system that allows for a quick, easy and tool-less blade change.
  • Battery: This saw is a bare tool. That is, it is not supplied with a battery or charger. However, it belongs to the power X-Change family- a set of 18v rated batteries between 1.5 to 6.0Ah. Power X-change batteries feature the automatic ABS-battery monitoring system to improve the device’s runtime. Another advantage of this battery type is that you can use one battery for any Einhell X-Change device.

Product Specification

Dimension16 x 41 x 8cm
Strokes Per Minute0-2600spm
Stroke Length22mm
Battery IncludedNo


This saw has a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty if registered within 30 days of purchase. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight design
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Adjustable soleplate for optimum blade use
  • Excellent cutting depth for a cordless saw
  • Advanced triathlon motor for improved cutting performance
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable construct with rubber supports to protect the machine’s housing


  • Supplied without battery or charger
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty operation

Conclusion and recommendation

All in all Einhell TE-AP 18 Li is a powerful and advanced reciprocating saw with excellent cutting ability. The device comes with a low price but offers an excellent cutting depth of 100mm in wood- the standard for top high-end cordless saws. Yet, this product is a bare tool and does not come with any accessories. So, you will need to purchase blades, charger and battery separately and that will increase its overall cost.

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TE-AP 18 Li Rating


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  • Versatile
  • Unique Triathlon motor
  • Blade change without tools
  • Adjustable soleplate
  • Ergonomic softgrip

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