Einhell TE-CS 18 Li

Einhell TE-CS 18 Li Cordless Circular Saw Review

The Einhell TE-CS 18 is a very light, compact, and easy to use saw that is great for jobs around the garden and at home. As a member of the power x-change family, you can take it anywhere with you and use it as long as you find batteries belonging to the same family of tools because they are compatible.

Power tools are bought for their wonderful features and this one has a base plate that helps keep the tool stable while you work. Another feature this tool is bought for is wonder LED light that lets you perform tasks in the dark and the fact it is cordless means there’s no tripping and falling on wires. The only thing you have to worry about is charging the tool when the battery is low. Below is a detailed explanation of some of its tool’s key features.

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Key Features

  • Part of the power X-change family – If you have any tools in your collection that belong to this family, the good news is the accessories like chargers and batteries are all interchangeable with each other. You don’t need to buy extra accessories saving you time and money.
  • Easy adjustments – There is no need for you to have an extra tool to adjust the tilt angle and cutting depth, you can do that without the use of anything. The same goes for changing blades thanks to the spindle lock.
  • Aluminium base plate – This makes it easy for the tool to stay in place while you’re cutting. The other good thing about the TE-CS 18 is you can use sawblades with 10mm or 16 mm core.
  • Quality LED lights – If your cutting area is poorly lit, this tool has LED lights that will help you see clearly what you’re doing because working in the dark can cause injuries and inaccurate results.


  • Lightweight – Tools that are known to be light and small are some of the easiest to use and this one falls in that category. It is also very comfortable to use for a long period because it doesn’t cause strain on the arm or make you feel tired.
  • Cheaper option – Einhell offers customers a cheaper alternative to the more expensive power saw sold by the major brands like Dewalt, Makita, and Ryobi. The quality of this saw is amazing because it can cut a wide range of material without you needing to break the bank.
  • Compatible with the Einhell guide rail – This guide rail is sold separately but it is good to know that if you decide to buy it, it is compatible with this tool and you should have no issues using it.
  • Dust vacuum attachment – You can attach this tool to your vacuum cleaner and suck up any messes or debris you might have from cutting materials like metal, wood, and plastic. This helps you maintain a clean and tidy workstation.
  • No cables and wires – If your workstation is full of cables and wires, you can either cut them by mistake or suffer an injury by tripping and falling. The TE-CS 18 does relieve the stress of injuries or cutting cables because it runs on batteries. Your movements are not restricted by wires and you can move as freely as you want.


  • Comes without a battery and charger – The only dent to your purchase of this tool is the fact it doesn’t come with a battery or a charger. These two together with any other accessories you might want will need to be bought separately.
  • Limited power supply – Just like many cordless tools that have come before it, it has a run time since it is battery powered. You don’t have unlimited power and will need to charge the tool when the battery is low or runs out.

Final Verdict

The Einhell TE-CS 18 is certainly one of those cordless tools that don’t restrict your freedom and you can take it almost anywhere without worrying about power sources. Thanks to the amazing lithium-ion technology, tripping and falling over tangled cables is something you don’t have to worry about. Since it is part of the power X-change family, you can use accessories like batteries and chargers belonging to other machines on this one. If you find yourself in dark rooms, there is a LED light that provides illumination.

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  • Small
  • Light
  • Handy
  • High-quality LED
  • Easy adjustment

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