Einhell TE-JS 18 Li

Einhell TE-JS 18 Li Cordless Jig Saw Review

Einhell TE-JS 18 Li is not only powerful, not has a good run time as well as a quick charge time. You can see that a lot of work went into its design because the manufacturers made sure that there’s a proper balance between power and battery life. It easily chews a variety of material for hours before the battery runs out which is very good.

What’s the price?

Investing in this tool gets you something that will perform above the average saw. If you happen to have two batteries, you can easily switch between them without having to wait for the other to die.  The major drawback of this jigsaw is the blade attachment is weak. Combined with the huge vibration, it is hard to be accurate when using this tool and it is not the most agile.

Key Features

  • Part of the power X change family – This Einhell tool is part of this amazing family of tools meaning battery packs of this family are compatible with it. It is worth noting that this tool uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are known to last for a very long time before dying.
  • LED light – This light can be used to illuminate any dark areas you might be working in and the dust blows off desires makes sure that your view is not blocked while making cuts.
  • Attachable cutting line guide and chip guard – This feature means that you can have precise cuts without having to worry about splintering.
  • Smooth – The TE-JS 18 Li is a very smooth operator. You will have no issue cutting exactly how you want no matter the material and it also has selectable pendulum action for anyone who wants to cut things very fast.


  • No tools need to switch blades – Many jigsaws heavily rely on a tool like a screwdriver every time you need to switchblades. Luckily, you don’t need any tools with this Einhell machine and you can change blades without breaking a sweat.
  • Good battery life – A long battery life means extended use without the tool dying out on your while you work. When fully charged, you can use the TE-JS 18 Li for hours before you have to charge it.
  • Charges quickly – Power tools that use batteries are known to have a long charging time. You have to wait for hours for it to fully charge before using it. This tool will have you up and running in no time because it charges much quicker than other jigsaws on the market that are within its price range.
  • Lock button – This tool lets you access the lock button from either direction meaning that it can be used by people who are left or right-handed.
  • Affordable – Whether you choose to buy this tool online or your local DIY store, you will realize that it is cheaper than most jigsaws that have the same features.
  • Footplate – Another major advantage this tool has over others is the footplate. This ensures the tool is nice and steady on the surface before you begin your work.


  • Vibration – The first notable issue when it comes to using this tool is the clear vibrations. In the hands of someone with a little experience under their belt, this can lead to inaccurate cuts or even health issues like loss of sensation in their fingers.
  • Fiddly blade change – Swapping blade to suit the material you are about to cut should always be effortless. Changing the blade on this tool is not very straightforward and does require some effort to get it right.
  • Less agile when one is cutting complicated shapes – You want your jigsaw to be very versatile and adaptable especially when it comes to cutting complicated shapes. This tool is less agile compared to others on the market which makes it tricky for even the most experienced of pros to cut the shapes they want.

Final Verdict

Overall Einhell TE-JS 18 Li is a great tool for cutting any thick material you might have. When it comes to safety, this tool is incredible at making sure you don’t suffer from injuries because the front of the machine is covered.  You don’t need any tools to change the blades which come in handy however it requires you to push the attachment upwards to do so.

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  • Smooth operation
  • Selectable pendulum action
  • Universal blade holder
  • LED light
  • Chip guard

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