Einhell TE-MS 18/210

Einhell TE-MS 18/210 Cordless Mitre Saw Review

Looking for something you can use both at work and home, the Einhell TE-MS 18/210 should be high on your shopping list. It is part of the X-change family meaning that there is no limit when it comes to the range of your operation. You can work with freedom because no cables are getting in the way.

With a carry handle and a compact design, this tool has so many features to help you get work done including one that will help you keep your work environment clean. Some of its beer features include a cutting line laser, LED light, clamp, and more.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Impressive speed – Speed of power tools depending mainly on the motor that’s being used. The powerful the motor is, the faster a tool will cut, and any tool that’s slow when it comes to cutting means that it is equipped with a motor that’s not powerful. With the TE-MS 18/210 saw, you will have a no-load speed of 3000 RPM which is great for cutting wood thanks to a very impressive motor.
  • The high-quality carbide-tipped precision saw blade that measured Ø210 x Ø30 mm, was designed especially for this saw.
  • Low-weight design – Strains and fatigue are associated with very heavy tools. This tool is heavy and makes it one of the most user-friendly saw money can buy.
  • Easy transportation – If you travel a lot you need a tool that’s very easy to transport. The compact design means you can put it in your truck on your way to work and will not take up much space. Even at home, you should have no issues when it comes to storing this tool because as pointed above, it’s very compact and will fit in your tool shed easily.
  • The unlimited radius of operation – with no cables and wires to worry about, you have an unlimited radius of operation which corded tools don’t give you. This is why many people love cordless tools because they like the sense of freedom they get.
  • Turntable – The turntable is an excellent addition because it has a precision angle adjustment facility for angle cuts. There is also a practically latching mechanism for standard angles. You can tilt that saw head of this tool to the left to enable exact mitre cuts to be done fast.
  • flexible adjustment – The X-Tend workpiece supports on this great tool can be adjusted with just one hand. You don’t need to worry about buying any tools to perform this action.


  • The clamping device and cutting aid  – This feature ensures that the workpiece is fixed securely in one position and doesn’t move around because that can disrupt your accuracy. For those worrying about their accuracy, the TE-MS 18/210 has a cutting aid in the form of a cutting line laser.
  • The integrated LED light – The presence of an LED light provides optimum illumination. This is needed for times when you are working in a dark room to get work done safely and quickly.
  • The sawdust bag/chip extraction system – Messes when using saws happen a lot but it is the cleaning up after that people have the most. This desire helps keep the workplace and the air clean.
  • Member of the PXC series – Since its a member of the PXC series, every battery from the high-performance system series can be used without causing a malfunction on this tool. Things like the rechargeable batteries and chargers from the Power X-Change series are compatible with each other and will work perfectly with this tool. To get the best results, it is recommended you buy the  PXC rechargeable batteries with a power of 2.5 Ah Plus or higher.


  • Charging – Since this is a cordless tool, it is battery powered and when the battery runs low, it has to be played on the charger. This can be distracting but this tool has a very good run time.
  • Battery and charger sold separately – This tool doesn’t come with a battery and charger. These two and many other accessories need to be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

Very bulky tools can be difficult to work with especially in tight spaces. The fact that Einhell TE-MS 18/210 has a lovely compact design means you can use it even in tight places and produce good results when you cut wood

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  • No-load speed: 3000rpm
  • Compact
  • Low-weight
  • Carry handle
  • Precision angle adjustment facility

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