Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW355

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW355 Industrial Steel Chop Saw Review

Chop saws, also called miter saws, are powerful tools used to make straight and angled cuts in wood, steel aluminum, and other materials. Their design is similar to circular saws but they produce more precise square cuts and provide more versatility. In this article, we will review the Evolution EVOSAW355 chop saw.

What’s the price?

Evolution products generally have a sturdy construct and their reputation in the Power tool industry is unquestionable. We will ignore that reputation in this review and evaluate the device as it measures with other products within its price range and purpose of use. So, if you want to see how this product fairs and whether you should get it, continue reading.

Product Overview

Evolution EVOSAW355 is an advanced chop saw with outstanding functions that take cutting steel plate, angle iron, square tube, metal roofing, and pipe to a whole new level. The machine comes with a robust 2200W rated motor, high-speed, carbide-tipped, full blade range that leaves an instantly workable finish on your workpiece with no heat, burr nor spark but a straightly cut and clean edge.

The tool can comfortably deliver such work efficiency because of its hi-torque gearbox reduces motor load while improving its overall performance. There are also other exception features on this tool that makes its use both comfortable, safer, and more efficient than competitors.

Some Unique Features Of EVOSAW355

  • High-quality Motor:This chop saw comes with a 2.2KW, high-torque motor, and an operating no-load speed of 1500rpm. This speed is relatively small, compared to those available on high-end competitors. Yet, on the bright side, a slower speed provides an excellent working condition for the device blade and does not necessarily reduce this device’s cutting ability (since 1500rpm is very efficient).
  • Sturdy Multipurpose Blade: All Evolution chop saws, including this tool, comes with the versatile Tungsten Carbide Tooth (TCT) blade. TCT blades are somewhat of the hallmark of steel cutting. They can cut through steel without sparks and do so without compromising the cut quality or capacity depth.

Specifically, the Evolution blade can last as long as 20 abrasive blades and are four times faster cutting than abrasive discs. It can withstand and cut through unexpected nails and can cut up to 80m of 12mm steel plate before the need for a replacement.

  • Cutting Ability: Evolution EVOSAW355 is ideal for cutting square tubes, round pipe, I-beams, sheet metals, angle iron, cladding, and scaffolding. It features the fast action swivel vise that lets it cut angles between 0 to 45 degrees. The table below shows the tool’s maximum cutting capacity.
MaterialShapeCutting capacity
Steel (Stainless)Plate5mm maximum thickness
 Plate12mm maximum thickness
 Square tube at 45degrees80mm
 Square tube at 90degrees120mm
Steel (Mild)Rectangular tube at 45degrees78mm x 110mm
 Rectangular tube at 90degrees95mm x 180mm
 Round tube at 45degrees105mm (Diameter)
 Round tube at 90degrees130 (diameter)
Wood45degrees64mm x 89mm
 90degrees89mm x 184mm
  • Blade Guard and Extraction Port: Working with saws that run as fast as this one can have its hazards. So, to cut some of those hazards, especially those relating to the blade, the device comes with a blade guard to cover the top of the blade. This guard is efficiently positioned that it does not hinder the cutting process while keeping your fingers and whole body safe from the blade.

Product specification

Dimension58 x 39 x 47cm
Motor Power2200W
No-Load Speed1500rpm
Blade size355mm
Bevel Capacity45 degrees
No. of Teeth66
Minimum Cut Off Piece Length8mm
Included componentsClamp Jaw, 8mm Hex Key, and 355mm Mild Steel TCT Blade.


Evolution provides a 3-year warranty on this product and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • No heat, burrs, or sparks from cutting
  • The tool is faster, safer, and more cost-effective than an abrasive saw
  • The hi-torque gearbox reduces motor load and improves the machine’s performance
  • Excellent buildquality
  • Superb cutting ability
  • Cast Iron base
  • The chip collector runs the entire length of the base
  • Less noise


  • Difficult adjustability


If you are looking for a heavy-duty chop saw with advanced cutting technology, superior-grade construct, and long-lasing ability, the Evolution EVOSAW355 will perfectly suit you. The adjustability might be a little difficult but, overall, the cutting performance is superb.

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  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • 0-45 swivel vice
  • TCT blade (66 teeth)
  • Industrial Performance and Quality
  • Clean and Tidy

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