Evolution Power Tools F210SMS

Evolution Power Tools F210SMS Sliding Mitre Saw Review

The Evolution F210SMS is a DIYer’s dream because it is one of those tools that allows you to cut different materials.  Its versatility is out of this world thanks to a wonderful motor that makes light work of materials like copper, plastic, embedded nails, wood, aluminium, and mild steel. The technology in this tool means you don’t have to worry about any sparks while you cut which is common in many tools.

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Key Features Of The F210SMS

  • Cut mild steel and wood with embedded nails – You will have no issues cutting weld- ready mild steel and it doesn’t matter whether angle iron or steel tube. Materials like reclaimed timber, softwood, and hardwood can also be cut easily with this tool as well even if it’s the one with embedded nails.
  • Cut copper and plastic – Everything from ferrous and non-ferrous materials like copper is easily cut with this saw to make pipe installation a smooth task for you. When it comes to plastic, you don’t have to worry about burning drainage tubing and acrylic because you will get an amazingly clean cut.
  • 45-degree bevel tilt – You can easily achieve up to a 45-degree finish on the things you’re working by loosening the bevel handle. When you use the bevel scare properly, you’ll get the exact angled tilt required.
  • -50 degrees – + 50 degrees – Evolution F210SMS has a cutting capacity of 50 degrees which enables you to get the angled finish you desire at all times.
  • Awesome blade – This tool comes with a 20 teeth blade that has a diameter of 210 mm and a bore diameter of 25.4 mm.


  • Powerful 1200 W motor – This saw has an amazing 1200 W hi-torque motor which has an optimized blade system and gearbox which enables you to cut through 3 mm of mild steel.
  • Laser guide – The laser guide is there to help you be precise and maintain a straight line while you cut.
  • No sparks – The one thing you need to be careful of especially when you’re cutting metal is sparks. This Evolution tool has technology that prevents sparks from flying while you’re cutting.


  • Only for home use – The first drawback of this tool is its only ideal for home use. If there are any light DIY jobs you need to get done around the house, this tool will not let you down. You will notice it’s shortcoming when you take it to a job site and try it on heavy-duty jobs. It’s not designed to tackle heavy-duty jobs because it lacks the power to do them effectively; however, you can purchase more powerful models on the market.
  • An optimal diamond blade that’s sold separately – The Evolution F210SMS doesn’t come with an optimal diamond blade because it is sold separately. When you do get your hands on this blade and attach it to your saw, it allows you to cut concrete, slate, and roof tiles.
  • Affordable tool – One would expect a tool that has the features this one has to be very expensive. Surprisingly, the cost of this amazing saw on the market is affordable for people who don’t have a lot of money to shell out high-end models.
  • Extremely durable – When you first get your hands on this tool, one of the first you will notice is the material it is made from. It is very durable and you can confidently use it every day knowing that it won’t chip away or start showing signs of dents for a very long time.
  • Lightweight – The tool is very easy to work with due to its lightweight. If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience with power tools, this is a good tool to start with because it is easy to maneuver and control for a long period suffering from any strains and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Evolution F210SMS saw is great for home improvement tasks only because there are no heavy materials involved. As long as you are cutting materials like cutting copper pipe, plastic pipe, aluminium carpet doorway strips, softwood such as skirting boards, architraves, and MDF, you should be able to tackle them with ease. If you have hardwood like oak, you should be able to cut them as well as the materials mentioned above without changing the blade.

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  • Powerful
  • Laser Guided Accuracy
  • 0° - 45° Bevel Tilt
  • -50° - +50° Mitre Cuts
  • Multi-Material

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