Evolution Power Tools F255SMS

Evolution Power Tools F255SMS Sliding Mitre Saw Review

The Evolution F255SMS used a very powerful 24 teeth blade and a fast motor to make easy work of materials like mild steel, aluminium, wood, even with embedded nails, plastic, copper, and more. What surprises people the most when they use this tool is how clean the cuts are. There are no burrs on the steel as well spark flying all over the place.

What’s the price?

When you open it from the box, it is a very easy tool to assemble and you will have a very high level of accuracy thanks to the laser guide.  It does also come with a clamp which is very useful for times you’re cutting materials that are very long. Keeping them in place makes it easy for you to cut how you want them.

Key Features Of The F255SMS

  • Extreme power – Evolution F255SMS is equipped with a powerful 1600 W hi-torque motor that has an optimized blade system and gearbox. It can cut through 3 mm of steel with ease.
  • Cut copper and wood with embedded nails – if you want to make it easy for yourself when it comes to pipe installation, you need a tool that’s able to cut non- ferrous and ferrous materials like copper with ease. This tool will cut this material without any problems at all. When it comes to wood with embedded nails, reclaimed timber, softwood, and hardwood, this tool can easily slice through them.
  • Cut through any plastic – If you work a lot with drainage tubing and acrylic, you need a tool that will be able to cut these without burning them. This tool is great at cutting plastic without burning it.
  • Cut mild steel – Whether it is angle iron or steel tube, you should be able to cut them both with this tool thanks to the F255TCT-24T multi-material blade (24 teeth).


  • 0 – 45-degree bevel tilt – You can achieve up to a 45 degrees finish on what you’re working on by simply loosening the bevel handle. You get the exact angle you need to get the job done by tilting the bevel scale to the angle you want.
  • -50 – + 50 metre cuts – Mitre cuts can be tricky to pull off but with this tool, you’re able to pull them off because it has a cutting capability of 50 degrees. You will get the angled finish you want every time.
  • Laser-guided accuracy – Many people that don’t work with heavy tools a lot like this feature on their power tool because it helps them maintain a straight line and precision while they cut.
  • Powerful blade – Evolution F255SMS comes with a multi-material Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade included. You can use this to cut steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic, and more.
  • A safe tool to use – If you are one of those people who are concerned with things like sparks flying when you’re working, this tool has a read-to-weld cut that doesn’t produce any sparks.


  • Only suitable for home use – This tool is fantastic for cutting things like copper and plastic pipes, aluminium carpet treads, hard and softwood materials such as skirting boards, plinths, and much more. When it comes to heavy-duty jobs at a job site, you will notice that it falls short when it comes to those kinds of jobs and another saw model is needed to do them properly.
  • The optional diamond blade is sold separately – It would have been great if this game was included with your purchase however if you want to cut stone, concrete, roof tiles, and slate, you need to buy this blade.

Final Thoughts

The Evolution F255SMS has an impressive motor that will make light work of any single task you throw in its path easily. For improved accuracy, the manufacturers made sure to put a laser guide which is helpful for anyone who is a novice and has less experience with power tools. This durability of this tool is up there with the very best tools sold on the market because even if you choose to use this tool every day, you’ll get a high level of performance all the time. You will not see any signs of wear or tear when you use it on wood, plastic, and any other metallic materials thanks to the 24 teeth 255 mm cutting blade.

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  • 1600W Motor
  • Laser Guided Accuracy
  • Precision cutting
  • Trench cut facility
  • 300mm slide

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