Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S

Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw Review

Looking for performance, usability, quality, and trustworthiness, this Evolution Fury 5-S saw is a fantastic option for DIYers who are working with a tight budget. You will be able to perform different tasks at the same time as cutting wood with nails in it.  You can cut through this wood with ease without having to room the nails. The blade itself is one of the strongest of any tool and you will be amazed by how easy it slices through materials.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Dust extraction – You should always make sure that your workstation is clean and tidy.  You can achieve this thanks to the integrated dust ports found on this saw located below and above the blade. All you have to do is just plug the saw to a vacuum cleaner to suck everything up.
  • Bevel cutting – You can achieve 45 degrees and 60 degrees mitre by simply turning the bevel wheel that’s located on the front or use the angle settings on the material pusher. You can use these to reach the angle you want at any time.
  • Hi-torque motor – With an optimized gearbox and blade system, the Fury 5-S saw has a power 1500W that easily cuts through 3 mm of mild steel.
  • Material clamp and pusher – Any materials you want to cut can be put against the fence and then fed through the fence. This is helped by the anti-vibration clamp which ensures your cuts are straight all the time.
  • Rip fence – When you place your materials around the rip fence, you’ll be able to feed material easily into the machine for a perfect finish. There are measurements on the fence so that you get the accurate results you want.
  • Push stick – As always, safety has to be a priority objective when working with a machine and this saw has a push stick that allows you to feed materials in it without your fingers getting close to the blade when you’re cutting.
  • Plastic – You can easily cut through a wide range of plastic materials like drainage tubing and acrylic sheets without burning them.
  • Non – ferrous metals – You will be able to cut through materials like checker plates without having to worry about sparks.
  • Ferrous metals – You can cut weld-ready mild steel whether it is tube material or 6 mm sheets.
  • Wood – You can cut down wood with embedded nails in it on top of trimming down worktops, doors, and reclaiming timber.


  • Safe to use – This very wonderful saw has protective blade covers and is very sturdy. On top of this, it has an anti-vibration feature that minimizes movement when you’re cutting.
  • Cheap – This is a very affordable product for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  • Easy to assemble – This is up there with some of the easiest tools to assemble as long as you’re able to follow instructions.
  • Used Evolution multipurpose cutting technology – With this technology fitted in it, you’re able to cut anything fromnon-ferrous metals, mild steel, plastic and wood with one blade easily without having to change.
  • No sparks – Sparks are visible when you cut materials like mild steel. Thankfully, when you cut mild steel with this tool you will see that it leaves an instantly workable finish while producing no heat, no burr, and virtually no sparks.
  • Powerful blade – When you purchase Fury 5-S, you will get an F255TCT-24T multi-purpose blade with 24 teeth.


  • The machine is too noisy – The first major downside of this tool is it’s very noisy. If you don’t want to be distracted by the noise levels, you should get yourself some ear protection as well as any additional eyewear for your safety.
  • Produces a lot of dust – Dust coming with the territory when you’re using power tools by this tool is known to produce a lot of dust. This can easily be dealt with by fitting in a dust collector.

Final Verdict

The Evolution Fury 5-S is one of the best selling saws you can buy with many people who have used it singing its praises. Customers love the fact that you can cut aluminum, wood, and steel effortlessly. Since it is very sturdy, it is very easy to use and assemble.

You can lower the blade depending on the material you’re working on and you can tilt the blade in different angles for various uses.

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  • Powerful Motor
  • Bevel & Mitre Capability
  • Effective Dust Extraction
  • Material Pusher & Clamp
  • Push Stick Included

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