Evolution Power Tools FURY 6

Evolution Power Tools FURY 6 TCT Multipurpose Table/Mitre Saw Review

Evolution is one of the leading power tools makers and their products are among some of the most sought after by DIYers and professionals. They are known to use some of the most advanced cutting edge technology to make some of their tools and the Evolution FURY 6 is one of their many tools that has benefited from advancements in technology.

There is nothing that this saw can’t cut and everything from wood, aluminium, plastic, and steel can all be cut with this tool using one blade. Just like many other saws that have come before it, this one has a multipurpose carbide-tipped blade that is made in Japan. This blade offers high-level performance and quality.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Uses patented Evolution multipurpose cutting technology – This technology is optimized to cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic with just one blade. You don’t have to be concerned about changing blades and stick to just one.
  • Hi-torque gearbox – This gearbox is very unique because it reduces motor stresses. This improves performance as well as the durability of the tool because it produces 1200 W of power.
  • Workbench mountable and comes with rubber suction feet – When you buy a tool that has a workbench you can mount, you need to make sure that it stays in place while you work. The rubber feet at the bottom of the bench ensure stability on work surfaces which improves your safety as well.
  • Table saw mode – The FURY 6 has a sturdy rip fence allowing for fast, accurate straight cuts to be made on wood materials.
  • Mitre saw mode – The mitre on this tool stops, left and right, every 5 degrees up-to 45 degrees.
  • Easy to switch functions – If you wish to switch between functions, you can do this easily and quickly, plus there is a  dedicated on/off switch for both mitre and table saw which ensures you are safe when you’re making your cuts.
  • Good package – When you open the box, you will notice that you’ll get an F210-TCT multipurpose blade (20 teeth) and a table surface area of 380 mm x 270 mm.


  • Safer cuts – Blades that are not well made can create fire, explosions, fumes, and smoke. The made on this tool is of the highest quality and produces little heat and fewer speakers making it one of the safest blades to use.
  • Cooler cuts – You will have a smooth finish when you use the blade on metal with no sparks, burrs, or heat. You don’t have to wait for the material you’ve cut to cool down. It can be used straight away which is a big plus.
  • Offers versatility – When you purchase the FURY 6, you should get a fine performance when you use it on wood for jobs like furniture making, picture framing, cutting veneer and laminated pieces, and crown molding.
  • Durable – Evolution is a company that makes sure that their products can hold their own even if used daily. This saw is made from strong materials meaning that it can withstand any level of strain you put it under because of how it was built.
  • Budget-friendly – The price of this tool on the market whether online or in-store is affordable for many people.


  • Dealing with cords – This saw is not cordless meaning it needs to be plugged to a power source. While you will get an unlimited supply of power, there’s always a danger of cords getting tagged up together potentially causing trips and falls. This is common if you have purchased extra extensions to give yourself more freedom if the cable reaches its limit. You have to be aware of this when using corded tools on top of accidentally cutting the power cable by mistake.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Evolution FURY 6 has a workbench that’s mountable with rubber suction feet to ensure you’re safe by keeping the tool firmly in place while you work. The other reason why customers like this saw are there’s no heat and no sparks. The way this saw performs is far more advanced compared to others on the market. When you are cutting steel using the only in mitre mode, you will see that you will have an instantly workable finish that doesn’t produce any heat, there’s no burr, and most importantly, no sparks.

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  • 1200 W hi-torque gearbox
  • Rubber suction feet
  • Multipurpose Cutting Technology
  • Table Saw Mode
  • Advanced performance

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