Evolution Power Tools RAGE 7-S

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 7-S Multi-Material Jigsaw Review

The Evolution RAGE 7-S is one of the highly-rated jigsaws on the market. This power tool is not popular just for its parent brand. Rather, it does offer an impressive performance when it comes to woodcutting. It might be battery-powered, but that shouldn’t fool you. This is actually one of the best jigsaws, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

We will be discussing the features and functions of the jigsaw to help you have a deep knowledge of it. You will also be able to tell if the power tool is reliable enough and if it fits in your wishlist. 

What’s the price?


The RAGE 7-S is is a cordless jigsaw that is designed to deliver an impressive performance while being compact, lightweight, and overly portable. Furthermore, it comes with cutting edge technology to maximize cutting ability. There are also several blades that come with the jigsaw to help you handle multiple projects with ease. 

Features and Functions 

Size and weight 

To kick it off, the jigsaw comes with a relatively compact design and it isn’t heavy either. This fella measures 26 by 9 by 40cm and weighs in at 3.98kg. There’s also a footplate that enhances the jigsaw’s sturdiness.  


Even with its battery power, this jigsaw still performs decently. It runs on a 710W motor that is very powerful and above par compared to other motors in the same category. This motor allows you to cut through different materials including steel, wood, plastic, or composite. 

Cutting Capacity 

First off, this Jigsaw offers you 5 multipurpose blades that allow you to cut through any material. Besides that, it comes with a large cutting capacity that is more impressive than most jigsaws in the same category. When cutting through steel, the maximum cutting depth is 8mm, while it will cut through wood with a cutting depth of 80mm. The jigsaw offers bevel cuts of 45 degrees. 

You can be sure of making accurate cuts with this jigsaw, thanks to the laser guide onboard. With the laser guide, all you have to do is walk the jigsaw through the line for the most accurate cuts. 

User Experience 

Anybody would love working with this jigsaw. The saw itself is lightweight and compact for better and easy handling. Besides that, Evolution RAGE 7-S comes with an ergonomic handle with soft grips. This assures you of comfort and control. 

Even when you want to regulate the speed, this machine will give you an easy time. There is a fitted variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed of the machine based on your project needs. The best part is that the speed trigger is large enough for easy control. The placement is also ideal enough. For extra convenience, you will need to dial the speed you need and lock the trigger in your desired place. 

Even better, there is a parallel edge guide that is easily adjustable to suit your project needs. This feature is important for making cuts and trims on laminate flooring. You will find this feature helpful if you need to make accurate parallel cuts. 

Removing or installing the edge guide is easy, which allows you to make a quick return to freehand cutting if needed. Another adjustable feature is the footplate, which can be set up to 45 degrees right and lift when making those bevel cuts.

As you would expect, the jigsaw allows you to make blade changes with ease. You won’t even need any special tool to change the blade. Instead, there is a quick-release chuck that lets you replace the blade effortlessly.


  • Compact design
  • Highly adjustable features for better delivery
  • Easy to change blades
  • Comes with 5 blades onboard for handling different projects
  • Features a laser guide for making accurate cuts
  • Adjustable footplate for making different bevel cuts


  • The laser guide might not be 100% accurate


So, is the Evolution RAGE 7-S a good jigsaw worth purchasing? We would like to think it is. From its feature list to its specifications, the jigsaw is one of the best and delivers incredibly too. It belongs to the lightweight category, which assures you of better handling. Even though it runs on batteries, the jigsaw comes with a seriously powerful motor.

The ergonomics are impressive along with the rubber grip. Best of all, this jigsaw comes with plenty of adjustable features that allow you to meet the specific needs of your projects.

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  • 710W motor
  • 45 degree bevel
  • Laser guide
  • Parallel Edge Guide
  • Tool-less Blade Change

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