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Evolution R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw Review

The competency of any machine is, first of all, determined by how consistent and durable it is. And when talking about cutting materials such as woods, tiles and the rest, it is very uncommon not to hear about the Evolution R210SMS+.

That’s why today, we’ll be having a comprehensive review of this popular machine, and how best it goes in delivering cutting services. So, let’s do it!

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The R210SMS Overview

The Evolution R210SMS+ machine can cut wood metal or plastic with the supplied blade, or you can swap it over to a diamond disc which enables you to cut masonry tiles etc. This is one of the most versatile miter saws that you can get because you can cut so much material on it.

Also, it has a slide function so you can cut material which is 230 millimeters wide by 65 millimeters deep. With this machine, you can cut metals at 50 degrees in either direction, and you can also bevel the machine over from 0 to 45 degrees. This you can do by releasing the knob which is in the front of the machine, and pressing in the lever. Once you do that, you’ll be able to then turn the machine, and that will go to 50 degrees in either direction. However, you need to know that the machine does come with positive locks, which will lock in at all of the important angles which you may need. So, let’s have a rundown of this powerful machine.


The R210SMS comes with a sturdy 1500W hi-torque motor with enhanced gearbox & blade system, which enables it to cut almost anything that comes its way. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 65 x 230 mm and gives room for users to cut large substances smooth and accurately. And the best part is, the machine can even complete a cut at angles like in a 45° bevel and 38 x 150 mm.

Control and Accuracy

With the machine’s laser guidance, adjustable depth of cut, and its nine positive mitre stops, accuracy is assured while using it to cut any material. This is because, through these features, users will have a clear and, an exact angle setting which will enable them to carry out complex, and highly prioritised accurate angled cutting jobs, such as crown moulding, furniture making, picture frames, piecing long woods together and so on, quickly and accurately.


The reason why most people love this machine is because of versatile it is in cutting virtually everything. To start with, the Evolution R210SMS+ has a Multi-Material cutting technology that includes; One saw, one blade, cuts all. The machine is capable of cutting metals without causing any form of heat, thanks to the Evolution blades, and is the safest of all cutting methods, as it produces few sparks and heat. Lastly, the 210mm Diamond blade, which is sold separately, can also be used for cutting ornamental stone and ceramic tiles. Overall, it is a sturdy all-round machine, that is very reliable, smooth, and can cut any material at any time.


The machine has an ergonomic trigger handle, designed to work comfortably for both left and right-handers. And also, it has a Sliding functionality that offers 230 x 65mm cross-cut capacity, allowing the user to glide through materials effortlessly.


Motor (110V 50Hz): 1500W

Motor (240V 50Hz): 1500W

Speed No Load: 3750 min-1

Max. Mitre: 50° – 50°

Max. Bevel (Left): 45°

Blade Guard: Cast Aluminium

Cable Length: 2m

Dust Port Diameter: 36mm

Blade Dia.: 210mm

No. of Teeth: 20

Bore: 25.4mm

Kerf: 1.7mm

Product Dimensions: 314mm x 575mm x 610mm

Packaging Dimensions: 475mm x 435mm x 315mm

Product Weight: 11.2 kg

Packaged Weight: 12.8 kg


  • It has a 3 Year limited warranty.
  • It has a Multi-Material cutting technology.
  • It has excellent accuracy features.
  • It is reliable and produces smooth finishes.
  • It has a sturdy engine system
  • It is comfortable to handle and easy to setup.


  • The external blades are relatively durable.
  • It’s a bit noisy, especially when cutting metals. Thus, ear protection is often needed.


In a nutshell, beyond every reasonable doubt, the Evolution R210SMS+ is by far, a better cutting machine as it is very durable has a high cutting capacity thanks to its sturdy engine system, and also provides ease and comfort to its users. Get yours, and let us know exactly what you think about this cutting machine. Cheers!

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  • Powerful
  • Multi-material
  • Accurate
  • 1500W gearbox
  • Laser guidance

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