Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB

Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw Review

Any DIYer or professional wants a tool that is not only affordable but can handle any job you use it on. The Evolution Rage 3-DB is one of those tools on the market that can deliver on that front. It has some good features which you may not find on other saws of the same price. It provides you with an incredible grip and details cut on large wood and metals. Below is a closer look at its features

Key Features

What’s the price?

  • Uses Evolution multipurpose cutting technology – This technology allows you to cut things like plastic, wood, mild steel, non-ferrous metals, and all using the same blade.
  • Double bevel facility – While plenty of saws sold on the market require you to reset them whenever you cut, the same doesn’t apply here. This feature means you don’t have to worry about re-adjusting the piece you are working on.
  • Laser guide – The laser acts as a guide when you’re cutting materials making you more accurate with each cut. If you are working in a workstation that is poorly lit or dark, the laser helps you achieve greater accuracy.
  • Hi-torque gearbox – This reduces the stress on the motor to improve the performance and durability of the tool because it will not overheat, no sparks, and no burr.
  • Cutting capacity – The Evolution Rage 3-DB has a large 320 mm slide mechanism for those long angled cuts one might wish to make. The blade has 28 teeth and has a 255 mm diameter.


  • A good quality 2000 W motor – This powerful motor ensures that the tool can handle the toughest of jobs. You will be able to penetrate materials like wood and metal with little effort. Most power tools are known to break down on people mid-task. When this happens, it can set someone back and not finish their project on time. You can use the mitre saw for hours and hours without having to worry about it breaking down on your mid-task.
  • Dust collection – The Rage 3-DB has a bag that collects all the dust and debris from the materials you are cutting. You will be able to find top quality dust bags on other expensive models than this one however, the one found here is just as efficient. If you have a small working space, this tool will keep the area less cloudy preventing you from inhaling any toxic dust that can cause breathing issues.
  • A very safe tool to use – This power tool has an expandable fence guard which gives you extra stability when you’re working with materials that are significantly longer. The clamps at the top will hold it in place and reduced vibrations making your cuts crisp and detailed.


  • A dust management system that’s below-par- Even though it does have a dust management feature attached to it, many customers have said it is not as effective as the one found on other models.
  • Takes up space – Since this tool is massive in size, you need to have plenty of space for it to be able to store it successfully. If you have little space at home, you won’t have enough room to accommodate it.
  • Very heavy tool – It is less portable than most tools because it is heavier. The extra weight also makes it a tool that is only for professionals.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a power tool that gives you value, incredible features, and more, Evolution Rage 3-DB is exactly the tool you should be adding to your arsenal. The outside layer of this tool is made out of strong materials. You will not be questioning the durability of this tool because it can withstand any strain you put in under. The blades on a saw are very important and we all want one that lasts long. With this tool, the blades have a unique design that makes it easy for you to cut wood, metal, and plastic with amazing accuracy and burr-free cuts. You don’t need to change the blades after every cut because this tool enables you to cut all sorts of materials continuously.

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  • Multipurpose cutting technology
  • Double bevel facility
  • 320mm slide mechanism
  • multipurpose blade (28 teeth)
  • Accessory Pack

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