Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S

Evolution Rage 5-S Multi-Purpose Table Saw Review

Evolution power tools Ltd is a leading manufacturer of power tools based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This company boasts of having the best customer support service in the industry as well as high-performance power tools. The Evolution Rage 5-S is a leading multipurpose table saw of this company. Also, it is the most versatile, multi-material cutting quality table saw in the industry.

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Precisely, with this machine, you can easily cut steel, wood, Aluminum, even woods with nails and plastics with just one blade. This product offers you excellent ripping on thin stock, high-precision cross cuts, and handling with sheet materials. Even more, the cut does not produce burr nor sparks even when cutting steel.

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Rage 5-S Unique Features

  • High-quality Motor: it comes with a 2.4hp, high torque motor. This hi-torque motor runs at a lower RPM than most of the competition. However, a slower speed reduces the stress of the motor and provides an excellent working condition for the Evolution Multipurpose blade.
  • Sturdy Multipurpose blade: All saws made by this brand, including this one, comes with a versatile Tungsten Carbide Tooth (TCT) blade. However, this table saw offers you versatility in cutting without the need to change the cutting device. Also, the blade provides superior cutting performance on a wide-range variety of materials.

Furthermore, the Rage 5-S blade offers four times faster cutting than abrasive discs. It can withstand and cut through unexpected nails. More importantly, steel cutting with this table saw produces an instantly workable finish without heat, burr, nor spark. 

  • Adjustable blade height: This saw comes with a fully adjustable blade with 0 to 80mm rise and fall. It also has a 45 degrees tilt capacity to the left hand. Thus, providing an excellent and versatile cutting ability. 
  • Positive angle stops: the mitre gauge comes with an adjustable face-plate. This feature provides quick-access positive angle stops for almost every used mitre angles.
  • Blade guard with extraction port: Almost every table saw comes with a blade guard. Precisely, the guard covers the top of the blade to ensure the safety of the user’s fingers. However, some guards may get in the way of when cutting. The peculiarity guard is an efficient design that offers smooth gliding of wood and optimum finger protection.

Other Features

  • Sliding carriage system: there is a sliding carriage system on the left-hand side of this table saw. It also incorporates an integral foldaway stand alongside wheels and handle.
  • Anti-bounce device: this feature helps to prevent kickbacks. Specifically, when the wood glides past the multipurpose blade, the device rises and slides along its top side. It comes with one anti-bounce device.
  • Quick deployment extensions, parallel rip fence and measuring rail guide
  • Highly efficient, built-in dust collection ports above and below the blade 
  • 1.5m high-quality cable with integrated storage cable holder

Cutting Ability

Wood: MDF laminates, Hardwood and tantalized decking, stud-work, scaffold boards, and poles, reclaimed wood (with nails or plastic), and mouldings.

Ferrous Metal: Rebar, Mild steel, angled, box section, metal stud drywalling, square tube, 1/2- inch plate, and RSJs. 

Non-Ferrous Metal: Armoured cables, Aluminum, cable tray, floor edging, stair nosing, copper, and roof flashing.

Plastic: Plastic pipes, rubber, and reinforced hoses, Wood Plastic Composites, and electrical conduit.


This Evolution tool comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rage 5-S comes with an excellent warranty because the manufacturer trusts its sturdy construct. However, there a few problems the table saw might develop. Yet, you can quickly fix it.


Machine won’t start

  • This is most likely from the plug or the socket is switched off. Hence, replace plug or switch and switch on the outlet.

Blade won’t tilt

  • Loosen the Tilt Locking screw, tilt the blade to the angle you want. Then, retighten the screw.

Sliding cartridge won’t move

  • Disengage the Cartridge Locking Latch is by pushing it entirely to the right.

Blade guard will not adjust automatically

  • Loose the wingnut slightly until Blade Guard operation becomes smooth


  • Sturdy construct
  • Large table size
  • Excellent cut depth
  • Good cut depth


  • Not suitable for heavy commercial use
  • Poor dust management
  • Weak for wide cuts

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, the Evolution Rage 5-S offers excellent value for its price. Its versatility of use, as well as its high-quality blade and safety features, makes it a superior product. Even more, it comes with an outstanding warranty. So, we recommend the product.  

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  • Premium Performance Accuracy
  • Multi-material
  • Easy To Transport
  • 650 mm Increased Rip Capacity
  • Dust Collection

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