HYCHIKA CS-190C Electric Circular Saw Review

The HYCHIKA CS-190C saw is a very popular product on the market as the first tool for someone who has small DIY projects to get done. It has a fantastic build that satisfies and delights owners because they get a high level of performance from it.

Lightweight and very strong, this machine is not only durable but your cuts are more accurate and crisp thanks to the 1500 W motor it has. These are not the only reasons why beginners pick this tool when they have some small projects. There is more to this amazing tool and below are some of its key features in detail.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Powerful motor – The first notable feature is the 1500 W copper motor that is good for cutting wood, soft metal, plastic, and PVC. These are the most common materials that many people work with at home or on job sites. The CS-190C can deal with all of them and produce impressive results because it’s cutting speed can reach 4700RPM.
  • Variety of blades – When you make a purchase, you get 2 saw blades (190 mm), 40T, and 24T for cutting soft metal, plastic, and wood. 
  • Hex wrench – There are a few saws on the market that don’t require you to use a tool to change the blade. With this machine, you need a tool to change the blades and it comes with a hex wrench to make that process smooth and easy.
  • The adjustable cutting depth and angle – if you are cutting at a 90-degree angle, you can reach a depth of 65 mm. If you are cutting a 45 degree, you can reach a depth of 45 mm.
  • Built-in laser and scale ruler – This feature alone is a great addition because it will make you cut materials like a professional. You will be able to control your cutting width which many people struggle to do but also, cut in a straight line. This will give you a polish and accurate finish as you will cut exactly how you want and not be a millimetre off or short.


  • Safety switch – No one wants to suffer from any accidents at the hands of a power tool. The safety switch is there to ensure accidents are reduced while you work.
  • Aluminum guard – This guard extends the life of the tool but also increases how diverse you can use it.
  • Optimized ergonomic slim grip – Since you can use this tool with one hand, the ergonomic grip offers comfort and control for less fatigue when you’re working.
  • Lightweight – Since it’s not too heavy, the CS-190C is very easy to use and extremely portable in case you are a traveling tradesman.
  • Budget-friendly – The price of this machine is surprisingly cheaper when compared to other models on the market that have the same features. You will not need to break the bank with this tool because it is a very budget-friendly machine for those who don’t have much to spend on power tools.


  • Changing blades can be frustrating with a tool – Changing the blades on a saw can be a challenge for even the most experienced of people especially if there’s a tool involved. While many manufacturers have adopted a tool-less blade change approach to their products, some haven’t, and with this machine, you need a tool to change the blade. This can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating if you’re unable to do it properly.
  • Overheating – When you’re cutting hard materials using this tool, the blade can sometimes get stuck in the material which might cause damage or overheating. While this can be prevented by simply adjusting the speed position before cutting, it is something that can slow you down if the tool overheats a lot.

Final Verdict

Overall the HYCHIKA CS-190C saw will give you value for your money because it is an outstanding performer. Aside from the overheating which can easily be dealt with by adjusting the speed position, you get a tool that is comfortable to use, has a powerful motor and blades you can change to shit the material you’re cutting. Changing the blades using the hex wrench does need some getting used to but other than that, this is a wonderful tool to add to your collection.


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