HYCHIKA CS-85C Mini Circular Saw Review

The HYCHIKA CS-85C delivers a cutting speed of 4500 RPM thanks to a high performing 500 W motor. You can perform both straight and angled bevel cuts with this tool. If you have wood, tiles, plastic, and soft metal, this is the tool for you.

This model is very lightweight in its design and has an ergonomic handle to make it easy for you to hold comfortably. It is also very compact and this enables you to use it in areas where bigger models can’t fit.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Three blades – You also get three different blades when you buy HYCHIKA CS-85C making it easy for you to cut a variety of materials. You are not restricted to just one type of material, anything from wood, steel, and metal can be cut by fitting the right blade. The blades you get include a diamond blade for tiles, a 40 tooth HW blade for wood, and a 36 tooth HS blade for metal.
  • Powerful mini saw – With a 500 W motor to work with, this saw can reach a cutting speed of 4500 RPM to shred any PVC, plasterboard, plastic, tile, and wood easily.  Extra safety is provided by a shroud, base plate, and metal gearbox.
  • Adjustable fits and precision – You can adjust the cutting depth from 0 – 25 mm based on the material you’re cutting.  To ensure you are cutting in a straight line while you do so, there is a laser guide for good measure. There is also a parallel guide that allows you to make quick and precise cuts easier than most tools out there.


  • Ergonomic design and safe – The handle of this tool is very soft which ensures you have a tight grip and reduces tiredness. CS-85C also has a dust pipe and a dust port, you can easily connect it to a vacuum and clean up your workstation after cutting. For added safety, there is a double protection switch which stops the tool anytime from starting up by accident.
  • Great package contents – You will get 1 Mini Circular Saw, a 30T Saw Blade; a 36T Saw Blade;  a Diamond Blade; a Hex Wrench; a Scale Ruler; a Dust Exhaust Pipe; two Cells for Laser Guide, and one user manual.
  • Good for beginners – Any woodworkers that are just starting will find this saw very easy to use. You can easily adjust the depth of cut without breaking a sweat using the gauge level.
  • Laser indicator and ruler – This mini saw is equipped with a laser guide and ruler to ensure that you can cut straight lines with ease.
  • Good price – Mini saws especially the high-end model from big brand names are expensive. While not from a big name like Dewalt, Ryobi, or Makita, this is still an amazing mini saw that is not only filled with good quality features many DIYers want, but it’s affordable. The asking price isn’t a lot but there’s no denying that this machine does pack a punch.


  • Some parts are made of plastic – while this saw is durable in its own right, a few question marks are surrounding the durability of this tool. This is because of the areas that are made from plastic as that material is known to be weaker than metal. If pushed to the limit, there is a very high chance that the rubber might start to show signs of wear and tear.
  • Batteries don’t come with the purchase – you always want your tool to come with everything you need so that you can begin to use it straight away. You can start using it as soon as you buy it however, the laser guide on this tool requires battery cells, and those need to be bought separately. Without batteries, you will not be able to use the laser guide.

Final Verdict

Overall HYCHIKA CS-85C is a very strong and versatile little machine that will make sure your cuts are accurate and precise across different materials. Weighting around 7 pounds, this tool allows you to work in tight spaces thanks to its compact design. If you are new to the DIY scene and just want something that is powerful and easy to use, this mini saw model is worth considering.

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  1. Why won’t my laser work. I bought this saw about 4 months ago. Used it for the first time today. Turned the laser on and nothing. I changed the 2 batteries, and nothing. What am I, or the saw doing wrong? Disgruntled buyer. If I could return it ,I would

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