HYCHIKA JS-100C Electric Jigsaw With Laser Review

The HYCHIKA JS-100C Jigsaw is very durable, powerful, and very safe to use. If you are a professional and want something that will ensure you have full control while you work, this is the product to buy.

You get 6-speed levels, a blade storage box, a dust removal system, and more with this awesome tool. Below is a detailed look at some of the key features this tool has to offer.

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Key Features

  • 6 adjustable setting – With 6-speed levels, you can pick the speed you want depending on the material. When you purchase this jigsaw, you also get 6 pieces of blades (4 for plastic plate and wood, 2 for aluminum and metal)
  • 800W motor – Jigsaw generate their power from their motor and the HYCHIKA JS-100C has a very powerful motor.  This machine is powered by an 800W copper motor which can produce speeds of between 800 – 3000SPM. You can use such power on anything from metal, wood, and plastic at your workshop.
  • Adjustable cutting angle – You can set different cutting angles depending on the material. 110 mm is the maximum cutting depth in wood while 10 mm is the cutting depth metal. As for the cutting angle you get from this tool, it is between -45 to 45 degrees.
  • 0-3 orbital sets – You also get some lifting knives that can be used to cut different materials you are working with. The rule of thumb with this tool is the lower the gear position, the slower the cutting speed will be. This is ideal for hard materials and the higher the gear position, the faster the cutting speed will be. This is ideal for cutting soft materials.
  • Blade storage box – On either side of the jigsaw, there is a storage box that allows you to store your saw blades in them. You don’t need to have your blades far from you to have access to them as they will be close by in the storage box in case you want to change them. This makes the jigsaw one of the most convenient tools on the market.
  • Quick-release chuck – This feature allows you to change blades easily without using any tools.
  • Dust removal system – When you are working with Jigsaws, the one thing you have to worry about is sawdust flying everywhere. With a dust removal system, this tool can reduce the amount of cut sawdust flying around making it easy for you to clean up later on when you’re finished working.


  • Comfortable grip – A tool that doesn’t have a good level of comfort, can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The handle on this tool has a good grip making to ensure you are comfortable when used to it. Any tool that offers a very high level of comfort will always be appreciated by so many people who are into DIY.
  • An effective tool – This tool will get the job done no matter the material you use it on. If you happen to be a professional who has to switch between cutting metal, wood, and plastic, there are not many tools that are a worthy investment like this one. This is due to the high level of precision you get from every cut, it’s lightweight design, and the convenience you get with the storage blade box close by.
  • Laser guide – The JS-100C has a laser guide that is built into it which guides you when you’re cutting materials for excellent precision.
  • Guide ruler – The guide ruler is there to help you control the cutting width while working on materials.
  • Lock-on button – For safety, there is a lock-on button that will hold the trigger in place to prevent any accidents from happening.


  • Weak blades – Some customers have said that the blades that the machine comes with are weak and will not perform properly.
  • Faulty dust blower – The dust blower stops working after you use this machine constantly.

Final Verdict

With 6 adjustable speeds, the HYCHIKA JS-100C is a remarkable power tool that is very easy to use. The laser guide ensures that you can cut materials with precision and it’s design allows you to switchblades easily. It is a saw that is worth every penny because of the features and advantages highlighted above.

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  1. I bought 1 of these jigsaws and after using it a couple of times the blade mechanism fell apart and the lazer stopped working after 5 minutes. I have asked for a refund or a replacement but with no success. Support hychika just keep passing the buck

  2. This is the second time I used the JS-100C and the laser stopped working , any suggestions . I emailed Hychika waiting for a reply

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