Makita 4329/2

Makita 4329/2 450W Orbital Action Jigsaw Review

Not many tools on the market scream high quality quiet like the Makita 4329. This tool gives you everything you want if you are a tradesman or a casual user. Durability, precision, performance, power, functionality are all here with this tool because it is made from top quality materials.

What’s the price?

Very comfortable to use on a variety of materials like steel, wood, and metal without any hassle or stress. What separates good jigsaws from top quality ones is their features and they are some amazing ones in this tool. Below is a detailed look at everything that makes this power tool a must-buy for a DIYer.

Key Features Of The 4329

  • Ergonomic handle – Plenty of companies go for the ergonomic design approach to extend the time one can use the tool without fatigue. We all don’t want to spend many hours on our DIY projects and if a tool can help us get things done quickly without feeling exhausted, that tool is worth buying.
  • A powerful motor – The motor on this tool provides you a speed of between 500 – 3100SPM.
  • Variable speed control – This feature allows you to match the speed of the speed to the material you are cutting for consistent top quality cuts all the time.
  • Three orbital settings – These settings provide you with great cut adaptability which makes it easy for you to adjust your stroke style spending on the material you have in front of you. This feature is very important because it allows you to tackle almost any project with this tool while producing smooth and clean cuts at the same time.
  • Durable and dependable  – To guarantee quality and performance, buying tools made from a reputable brand name like Makita is highly recommended. This is because you will get a tool that is durable and can be used for a very long time. Buying from lesser-known names can lead to purchasing a tool that will malfunction, breakdown, or even cause injury. With the Makita 4329, you will have a maximum of 6mm when cutting steel and a maximum of 65 mm when cutting wood.
  • Chip deflector – This tool was made with tradesmen in mind because the manufacturers know that chips will fly whenever one is working with a jigsaw. The addition of a chip deflector is a very clever touch from the Makita and acts as a safety feature that protects you when chips are flying all over the place.
  • Dust extraction facility – This is perhaps one of the must-have features of any jigsaw because cleaning up after yourself when you’ve been cutting materials for hours can be frustrating. With this tool, dust and debris are very easy to clean from the floor because all you have to is connect it to a vacuum cleaner and suck everything up.


  • Well built – Makita 4329 has impressive speed, sturdy, comfortable, durable, and amazing cutting power. Its design means there is little chance of you losing control when you’re using it even on the toughest of materials.
  • Offers versatility to users – No matter the material you have, you will be impressed at how quickly this tool makes light work out of them. There is no need to put in plenty of effort when making cuts because the manufacturers made sure their product is very efficient in terms of speed and sharpness.


  • Absence of LED light – The only downside of this tool is it doesn’t have a LED light meaning you can use it in a poorly lit or dim room. You will need to buy a lamp or have some sort of light in the area you are working to be able to use it in the dark.

Final Verdict

If you are on the hunt for a jigsaw that is very durable and offers you a high level of performance, look no further than this one. Makita 4329 capable of handling both heavy and light jobs which include cutting materials like wood, metal, plastic, and more. Useful features like the dust port keep your station clean, variable speed for getting clean crip cut depending on the material and most importantly, it’s ergonomic design. Its price tag is it’s biggest selling point because it is affordable especially for those who don’t have the funds to shell out on an expensive model.

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  • Variable speed control
  • Dust extraction
  • 500-3100 strokes per minute
  • Chip deflector
  • 3 orbital settings

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