Makita 5008MGJ/2

Makita 5008MGJ/2 240V 210mm Circular Saw Review

Makita is one of the biggest names in the power tool industry alongside big names like Dewalt and Ryobi. They make plenty of saws and one of their most popular products is the Makita 5008MGJ/2.

To get the best performing saws on the market, you have to be willing to spend money on them. While this tool doesn’t cost much in terms of price, it doesn’t offer you plenty of good features that are found on many high-end models.

What’s the price?

Key Features Of The 5008MGJ

  • Powerful motor – The power that the 1800 W motor has is spectacular because it can deliver up to 5,200 RPM. There aren’t many saws on the market that can deliver over 5000 RPM and for this one to be able to do that shows what a powerful tool it is.
  • Great cutting depth – It has a very deep cut that has a maximum depth of 75.5 mm at 90 degrees, 57 mm at 45 degrees, 51.5 mm at 50 degrees, and a maximum bevel capacity of 50 degrees.
  • Depth scale – The depth scale on this tool is very easy to read with 13 mm and 19 mm being the ones that are used the most by so many people in large sizes.
  • Lightweight – At 4.8 kgs, the 5008MGJ/2 is tool is very easy to use and extremely lightweight because of its ergonomic design, safety cover, and magnesium die-cast base. You can work with this tool for an extended period on projects without feeling any strain on your arms or tiredness.
  • Twin LED lights – Working in a dark room is something that’s not recommended with a power tool in your hands however if you find yourself in a poorly lit room, this tool has a built-in twin LED light. You can use this to illuminate the blade so that you can easily see your line while cutting different materials.


  • Quick one-handed adjustments – There is a large level that allows you to make adjustments using one hand.
  • Rule guide – For those who find it difficult to cut accurately in a straight line, the handy rule guide is there to offer assistance.
  • Dust blower function – When you are cutting, your accuracy can be interrupted when dust gets in the way. The dust blower feature helps clear your line when cutting materials like wood and steel.
  • Durable – Makita always makes sure that their products are made from top quality materials. The 5008MGJ/2 saw is made from strong metal meaning you can constantly use it every day on various projects without it showing any dent. Its durability means you don’t have to worry about looking for a replacement for at least a couple of years because it will be part of your toolbox for a very long time.
  • Perfect for beginners – Some saws on the market are designed for professionals only while some cater to both pros and beginners. Even if you are just starting or have a few years of experience with power tools, you can use this tool because it is user friendly. It is powerful, lightweight and the rule guide will improve your accuracy.
  • Budget-friendly – You don’t have to break the bank to buy this amazing tool because it is cheaper than most models on the market. Other expensive models don’t give you half the features this has.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty projects – If you have heavy-duty projects to perform, you will not see the best of this model because it’s not designed for those types of jobs. You can only use it on light projects.

Final Verdict

The Makita 5008MGJ/2 is just like any other tool that is made by Makita. It is reliable, powerful, strong, and gives you everything you require in a top-quality saw. While it does have its shortcomings when used on heavy-duty jobs, you can use it on light jobs with confidence knowing it can get the job done. It has a light that allows you to see in the dark, a rule guide for maintaining accuracy and it’s super lightweight. This makes it very easy to use for beginners because you don’t want to start by working with a bulky tool until you become an expert.

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  • Cut-depth scale
  • Twin LED light
  • Electric Brake
  • Lightweight
  • Safety cover

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