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Best Makita Cordless Jigsaw Reviews (UK Models)

When it comes to cutting jobs, you need to make sure you buy the right tool for the job otherwise you’ll get poor results or suffer an injury. One of those tools that should be high on your priority list is a Makita cordless jigsaw. Makita is a company that is well known across the world for producing good quality products in the construction industry. Tools made by this company are some of the most sought in the UK by DIYers and professionals because they can be used for both curved and straight cuts with ease.

These Makita jigsaws give you a very level of control and versatility because of their impressive design. This is something that you’ll struggle to find on some jigsaws on the market. Thanks to advancements in technology, many of the jigsaws found online and in the UK shops today are cordless which is good for people who love to have a sense of freedom while they work.

People also love the added safety they bring because you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires. Even if you’re inexperienced, with the right tool in your hand, you should be able to produce good quality results however, one thing worth noting is you may need to buy accessories like chargers and batteries separately. Below are 4 wonderful jigsaws by Makita sold on the UK market.

Makita Cordless Jigsaws

Makita DJV180Z9.8Check
Makita DJV182Z9.6Check
Makita DJV181Z9.4Check
Makita JV102DZ9.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Makita DJV180Z 18V

Makita DJV180Z

First on the list is the DJV180Z and this wonderful Makita cordless jigsaw features a push-in lock system, that makes it easy for you to switch blades effortlessly. Being able to cut at different angles is very important for professionals and DIYers who use this tool and thanks to the 3 orbital settings, you can do that.

You can make straight cuts quickly on a large variety of materials thanks to the powerful motor. There is a variable speed dial that lets you make powerful and smooth cuts at high speeds. The maximum speed on this cordless jigsaw is 2600 strokes per minute which is better than the majority of jigsaw sold on the UK market today.

You can make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees right or left which makes it very versatile as well as a positive stop at 90 degrees for smoother and better cutting performance. The die case base on this tool is made out of heavy-duty aluminium which increases the longevity of the tool and makes it durable. Other notable key features include an LED light that allows you to use it in the dark, a sawdust blowing feature to keep your workstation clean as well as a large trigger that makes it easy for you to operate this tool even if you have gloves on. Just like many tools sold today, this Makita cordless jigsaw comes with benefits and drawbacks which are highlighted below.


  • Makes light work of materials such as wood and steel
  • An impressive lightweight design which makes it very easy to use
  • Equipped with LED light so that you can see clearly in dark rooms or poorly lit workstations
  • Cordless tool meaning you don’t have to worry about possibly tripping and falling over wires
  • Your work station will be clean and dust-free thanks to the sawdust blowing feature
  • You can travel and easily store this Makita tool because of its design
  • Can be used on materials like steel and wood producing excellent quality results
  • The battery has an impressive run time allowing you to get plenty of work done before it runs out


  • You’ll need to buy the 18 V lithium battery used to power it separately as it doesn’t come with one.
  • Many customers feel that this tool is not as powerful and robust as other models
  • The lever of the blade on this tool can break easily if one isn’t careful

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2. Makita DJV182Z

Makita DJV182Z

Second on the list is the DJV182Z. This Makita cordless jigsaw is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion LXT battery, however, you need to know that the battery doesn’t come with your purchase. You need to search the market and buy it separately.

Thanks to this battery, you can get a speed of between 800 – 3500 RPM. The reliable brushless motor ensures that this Makita cordless jigsaw is effective and saves energy, plus prevents problems like overheating. You are guaranteed to have a smoother running tool thanks to the features above. With a variable speed control dial, you can match the speed to get the best results depending on the material you’re working on.

The tool-less blade clamp you see makes it easy for you to change blades without a spinner or any other tool. There are 3 orbital settings just like the tool above and the soft no-load function reduces vibration. With this Makita jigsaw You can make bevel cuts to 45 degrees left or right, which is very impressive.


  • A very reliable cordless jigsaw that will not overheat while in use thanks to the brushless motor
  • Impressive speed of between 800 – 3500 RPM thanks to a very powerful motor
  • Has the ability to handle both light and heavy-duty jobs
  • Perfect Makita tool for a DIY enthusiast who loves performing tasks at home as well as professional
  • Very easy to store and travel with if you have to because it is lightweight
  • Extremely durable even under heavy usage and will not show any signs of wear and tear for a long time
  • Whether it is wood or steel, you’ll get good results with this jigsaw


  • This tool is not compatible with G-series batteries
  • It doesn’t have an LED light for you to use in dark spaces
  • The medium rage price does bring about some controversy

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3. Makita DJV181Z

Makita DJV181Z

Third on the list is the DJV181Z Makita cordless jigsaw, and this tool has a brushless motor and is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery. Anyone who has worked with tools that have a brushless motor knows how important this feature is. It allows the tool to run for a very long time without any discharge or overheating. When in full flow, this tool delivers a speed of 3500 RPM.

It has a variable speed control dial which is to be expected by a top-quality tool that is made by Makita and you can match speeds depending on the materials you’re working with. This ensures you get a very high level of performance all the time and the change level has 3 orbital settings. This makes it easy for you to make straight cuts as well as angled cuts effortlessly.

Other features on this Makita cordless jigsaw include bevel cuts of 45 degrees as well as positive stops at 90 degrees. Lastly, it has a soft no-load function which does reduce the motor speed when the tool is idle to prevent vibration. There comes a time when you might have to work in the dark or a poorly lit area. In this scenario, you need a tool that illuminates dark spaces, and thanks to the twin LED light found on here, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing in dark rooms. You don’t have to worry about your accuracy being compromised in dark areas when you use this tool.


  • This Makita jigsaw has a blower feature that clears any debris from your cutting line to ensure you are as accurate as possible
  • A soft start feature which means the tool doesn’t vibrate too much when you start it
  • It has a cover plate that protects your workstation from things like damage or scratches
  • You get a constant supply of power all the time since the tool is cordless
  • You can attach a vacuum cleaner to this tool to clean up any debris or messes you may have made while working
  • The twin LED lights allow you to work in dark rooms or poorly lit areas
  • Has an electric brake that stops the tool dead in its tracks to prevent injuries from happening to you and anyone around you
  • A very easy tool to store as well as travel with due to its size
  • A very durable tool that can handle a wide range of applications


  • A very expensive jigsaw when you compare it with others on the UK market plus any accessories you might need have to get purchased separately
  • Some customers say that the off-on switch does have some issues

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4. Makita JV102DZ

Makita JV102DZ

Last on the list is the JV102DZ. This Makita cordless jigsaw can be powered by both a 10.8 V or 12 Lithium-ion CXT battery making it very versatile. It can produce a fast cutting speed of 3000 SPM and has a variable speed control which allows you to control the speed depending on the materials being cut. The brushless motor installed on this tool does a wonderful job in preventing things like overheating which can happen when a tool is used for a long time.

Many tools on the UK market also suffer from discharge but this motor prevents this problem as well. This prolongs the life of the jigsaw and you can have this tool for many years because it will run smoother and cooler no matter the demands. Whether it is steel, wood, or aluminium, you will produce excellent results with this tool and get a high level of performance.

This Makita cordless jigsaw has a built-in dust blower that gets rid of any debris in your cutting path giving you better accuracy for perfect results. You don’t need any tools to change the blades as they can be done easily plus it has 3 orbital settings change lever which allows you to change the speed on the jigsaw as you like. It has an aluminium die-cast base which has a bevel capacity of 0 – 45 degrees. You shouldn’t have any issues making straight cuts with this cordless jigsaw in your hands.

It is important to always be safe when you use a power tool and this one has an electric brake. This will stop the tool instantly and prevent you from suffering any serious injuries. The soft-start feature on this tool enables you to start the tool with little vibrations and shaking. For illuminating dark places, this Makita cordless jigsaw has a LED light and for continuous use, it has a lock-on feature. Lastly, it is important to remember that this tool used bayonet-type blades and any other blades will produce poor quality results.


  • This Makita jigsaw has a dust blower that will make sure your cutting path is clear and clean for better accuracy
  • Can be attached to a vacuum cleaner thanks to the independent dust noodle to clean up any debris
  • The tool doesn’t vibrate too much giving you better control at all times
  • Equipped with LED lights which allow you to see in the dark as you’re working
  • Has an electric brake for your safety which stops the tool keeping you safe from harm
  • Has a lock-on function feature that allows you to use the tool continuously
  • The Makita jigsaw is very lightweight making it very easy for you to use
  • The ideal tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals because it uses both a 10.8 V or 12 Lithium-ion CXT batteries
  • This tool is very comfortable to use for a long period without causing strain and fatigue.


  • Your time with this tool is very limited since it is battery powered and will need charging at some point
  • The medium-range price this tool is sold on the UK market does cause some debate

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Final Thoughts

Overall if you are a professional or someone who loves DIY and does a lot of cutting jobs, any of the Makita jigsaws mentioned above will give you a smooth experience since they are cordless. Picking the best one out of the ones above can be a bit of a hassle however when you get your decision right, you’ll have no regrets with your purchase.

The cordless jigsaws that have made it on this list all offer you high-performance levels plus so many incredible features. Any one of those above will not let you down because they are made by Makita. A company that is renowned for producing nothing but the best power tools for their customers.

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