Makita DCS552Z

Makita DCS552Z 18V Li-ion LXT 136mm Metal Saw Review

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If you were a fan of the DCS550Z, the good news is the Makita DCS552Z is a big improvement from that model. This power tool was designed for professional tradesmen because it allows them to cut through different types of metal without showing any sign of wear and tear.

Its key features are the no-load speed of 3600 RPM which when cutting through materials, doesn’t create any sparks. It also has a dust box that collects debris to ensure you have a clean and safe environment. Below are some of the key features the DCS552Z has to offer.

Key Features Of The DCS552Z

  • Built-in dust collection system – When using a saw to cut wood or metal, chips and dust will fall off. To make sure that you have a cleaner work environment, the Makita DCS552Z has a dust box that makes it easy for you to dispose of the debris.
  • Lock-off level and electric brake – This tool has a lock-off level which prevents it from starting up by accident when you’re inserting a battery. The electric brake is there to ensure you don’t hurt yourself while working because you can easily injure yourself if you are reckless.
  • Makita built motor – The motor that this tool is equipped with delivers 3600 RPM which is strong enough to cut anything from square tubing, steel, sheet metal, pipe, channel, unistrut and more.
  • LED light – With built-in dual LED lights, you can work in poorly lit areas or dark rooms with this tool. With better illumination, you are more precise and accurate with your cuts.
  • Convenient shaft and lock – The shaft and lock are conveniently located to make it easy for you to change blades with ease.
  • Flat motor housing ends and an on tool hex wrench – This feature enables you to stand the tool upright every time that you’re changing your blades. The on tool hex wrench prevents the tool from going missing and puts you in a position where you’re able to change blades quickly and easily.


  • Lightweight and compact – If you can’t reach tight spaces, it slows you down and makes an easy job a lot tougher than it is.  At 2.4 kgs, you can work with the Makita DCS552Z for a very long time without feeling tired or strained. It is because the tool doesn’t strongarm you and tasks are completed with minimal effort.
  • Ergonomic design – The grip on a power tool makes a massive difference in how comfortable a tool is to use when working. The saw is very comfortable and you are always in control of this machine no matter your skill level. You can cut up to 50.5 mm at 90 degrees with this tool due to its high level of versatility.
  • View window – This machine has a large view window that allows you to see everything you’re cutting clearly without your view being blocked or impeded. If your vision is blocked in any way, shape, or form, you will struggle to do anything, let alone saw through materials properly.
  • LED light – If you have to do some work in the dark or a poorly lit room, the tool has an LED light you can turn on to see clearly. This is also a safety feature because the chances of you injuring yourself while working in a dark room are very high. Having some light especially when handling a power tool is very important not just for your safety, but accuracy too.


  • Need to purchase the battery and charger to use it – Since this tool is battery powered, you need to buy an 18 B Li-ion LXT slide-style battery. This is the only battery that enables this tool to deliver 3600 RPM to make your tasks easier.

Final Verdict

Overall what you get here is a compact and lightweight tool that gives you 3600 RPM since it is powered by an 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type battery. Anything from sheet metal, steel, square tubing, pipes, and more can all be cut with the Makita DCS552Z. You have an LED light that lets you work in the dark, a large viewing mirror, a heavy gauge for durability, and a large cutting capacity of up to 50.5mm at 90 degrees.

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  • Compact
  • Heavy gauge
  • Lightweight
  • LED job light
  • Stainless steel

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