Makita DHS680Z

Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18V Li-ion Circular Saw Review

In our Makita DHS680Z review, you will be exposed to this circular saw’s cutting performance, build-quality, the exceptional features it has over competitive products, and its ideal purpose of use. Still, to give you a well-rounded piece of information for you to make an incisive decision on the circular saw to buy that perfectly suits your range of projects, we will also provide you with this product’s limitations and flaws.

What’s the price?

Meanwhile, Makita isa leading manufacturer of top-quality and fairly high-priced power tools. So, if you are keen on durability, performance and are willing to spend for those, you will find her range of tools interesting.

Product Overview

Makita DHS680Z was design with superior-grade construction and those exceptional features and functions only available on high-end circular saws. The tool comes with a powerful, advanced drive system that delivers sufficient power and staggering speeds to sit both light and heavy-duty use.

One of the most distinctive features of this tool, along with its high-power and blazing speed drive system, is its automatic speed control system. This feature allows the integrated chip in the tool to adjust the cutting speed relative to the job to provide the most efficient cutting accuracy and finish.

Some Unique Features Of The DHS680Z

  • Brushless Motor Technology: Like with all other Makita cordless circular saws, this one comes with an advanced drive system that eliminates the use of carbon brushes in its motor. The advantage of this system is first its improved torque to weight ratio. So, a small and lightweight motor can deliver more driving force than even slightly bigger brushed motors. Because of the absence of the carbon brushes, this system produces minimal friction within its driving system. Thus, more efficiency since losses due to overheating from the friction is completely avoided. More so, there wouldn’t be any need to frequently maintain the motor throughout the machine’s lifetime.
  • Cutting Performance: Makita DHS680Z delivers a maximum no-load speed of 5000rpm sufficient for making precise and accurate cuts on your workpieces with a quality professional finish. The high speed along with its powerful 680W rated motor makes this device an ideal pick for both lightweight DIY projects as well as heavy-duty professional use. Besides, the tool features an Automatic Speed Control function that, as it sounds, automatically changes the cutting speed of in line with the load condition. 

You can also adjust the bevel angle to a maximum of 50 degrees to suits those slant cuts on your projects. However, the maximum cutting capacity in wood is 37mm at 50 degrees, 41mm at 45 degrees, and 57mm for straight cuts. 

  • Build Quality: Makita power-tools already has a reputation for sturdy and long-lasting construction and this product doesn’t come short on that. It features a large Magnesium base- larger than similar models to provide more stable operation. The tool also comes with an electronic brake system and a large lock-off lever for optimum operator safety.
  • Battery: This product is sold as a bare unit but the designers improved on its battery management. First, the tool comes with a battery indicator that allows you to monitor the energy left in the battery. It features an electronic current limiter for overload protection and the soft-start function for a smooth start-up.

Product specification

Dimension23.8 x 35.5 x 17 cm
No-Load Speed5000rpm
Blade size165mm
Bevel Capacity50 degrees
Maximum cutting depth90 degrees- 57mm 45degrees- 41mm 50degrees- 37mm
Included componentsTCT Saw Blade, Dust Nozzle, Rip Fence, Hex Wrench, and Circular Saw.
Battery IncludedNo


Makita covers this product with a 1-year standard warranty. But they also offer an extended 3-year warranty if the tool is registered online within 30days of purchase.


  • Blower function and rear dust exhaust nozzle for efficient dust extraction
  • High cutting precision
  • Excellent overall cutting performance
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Superb build quality
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handles
  • Tool hanger
  • Twin LED work light


  • Pricey

Recommendation and Buying Option

If you are looking for a robust circular saw for heavy-duty operations or simple DIY projects and are willing to spend more for quality and performance, you can get the Makita DHS680Z Circular saw. However, if you simply want an affordable piece you can check out DSS611Z LXT to see if it suits you.

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Makita DHS680Z Rating


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  • Blower function
  • Electronic current limiter
  • Electric brake
  • Large base
  • Automatic speed control

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