Makita DJR183Z

Makita DJR183Z 18V Li-ion Reciprocating Saw Review

The difference in efficiency between tools that came out 20 years ago to the ones we have today is incomparable. Tools these days are more durable, sharper, and deliver good results thanks to the advancement in technology. Manufacturers has taken advantage of these advances and the evidence is very clear with their Makita DJR183Z.

If you occasionally do some light DIY jobs around your home or you are a professional, this tool will help you cut steel, wood, and metal. This tool has some of the best features you can find on a Makita tool and below are some of them.

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Key Features Of The DJR183Z

  • Tool-less blade clamp – Blade changing is something many people are not fans of however, with this tool, the manufacturer made sure that this process is as easy as possible. All you have to do is just turn the clamp to remove the blade. There’s no need for you to have an Allen key or a screwdriver.
  • Single LED job light – The LED light is there to make it easy for you to cut materials when working in the dark. Not many tools have this feature and the lack of it can cause injury if one isn’t careful or uneven cut if you’re in a poorly lit room. It will require you to purchase a lamp which is an extra expense however, Makita DJR183Z has an LED light you can use to make your work easier by illuminating dark workstations.
  • XPT technology – This is a wonderful technology that can provide water and dust residence to users. When tools are exposed to water, they can get rusty and thanks to this feature, blocked airways and rust are two things you don’t have to worry about.
  • Powered by 18 V Li-ion batteries – The power a tool delivers makes a massive difference in how quickly you can get a job time. With this tool, it delivers an impressive 3000 SPM making it very easy for you to slice materials like wood, steel, and metal with ease.
  • Variable speed control – With so much power in your hands, you need to be able to keep it under control depending on the materials you’re cutting. The variable speed control feature has two switch levers that make it easy for you to lock in a speed you want to use.


  • Rubberized soft grip – If a grip on a power tool is not comfortable, it is easy for one to lose control. Makita made sure that their rubberized because that is a material known for comfort plus it ensures you don’t lose control when cutting even the most stubborn of materials.
  • Electric brake – For maximum safety and productivity, there is an electric brake on this tool. This is there to help you stop the tool instant from making any extra cut or injuring yourself.
  • Vibrations – This incredible tool carters to those who are not fans of vibrating machines and just want something that operates quietly while in their possession. The vibration of this tool is  7.0m/s which is extremely low compared to other models. You can use Makita DJR183Z for a very long time without it causing strain or fatigue on your arms. A tool that can do this for customers, is worth purchasing at any cost. 
  • Affordable and durable – Cheap Power tools can lead to customers questioning how durable they are or their capability to perform the tasks they want with them. With this tool, not only is it available cheaply on market, it is made from strong material from a reliable brand which means you are guaranteed to have this product as part of your toolset for a long time.


  • The purchase comes with no batteries and charger – The only major flaw of this saw is the fact that it doesn’t with essential accessories like a battery and a charger. You need to go to your local store or check the internet to buy ones that are compatible with this tool.

Final Verdict

Tools that are made by this manufacturer are known to be some of the best ones can use. The Makita DJR183Z is a saw that is ideal for someone who occasionally likes to do a bit of DIY around their premises. It is a very valuable asset to add to your tool collection because it is powerful and dependable like all Makita products.

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  • Tool less blade clam
  • Two switch levers
  • LED job light
  • Variable speed control
  • Comfortable and sure grip

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