Makita DJR185Z

Makita DJR185Z Cordless Li-Ion Mini Reciprocating Saw Review

The Makita DJR185Z is the only saw that should be on your radar if you have some small garden jobs. This mini saw let’s you cut and saw materials until your heart desires because it has amazing battery life. If you are interested in entering the carpentry industry, this is a wonderful tool to start with because it’s features are perfectly suited for this line of work.

What’s the price?

Key Features Of The DJR185Z

  • Jigsaw blades compatibility – The feature that makes people buy this machine is this one here. It was made with jigsaw users in mind and they can attach the blades of that tool on to this one and it will still be able to perform at a very high standard.
  • Variable speed control – Being able to control the speed of your tool is very important. The speed of the motor can be controlled via a stronger for quicker and precise cutting depending on the material. The variable speed you get is between 0 – 3000 SPM. The stroke length you get is 13 mm for efficient and fast cutting. There is a dual position on and off switch on this too as well. The two switch levers help you with speed control, better grip, and operation.
  • Mini reciprocating saw -Makita DJR185Z is a mini reciprocating saw that can’t handle the heavy-duty work but will certainly fit in your toolbox for those light jobs.
  • Rubberized soft grip – Handling certain power tools can be a lot of hard work but that’s not the case here. This tool has an amazing grip allowing you to perform your tasks effectively since you are in control all the time. There is less hard work involved when you buy this tool for small tasks.


  • Portable – Plenty of handymen always have a toolbox with them where they can keep all their tools. Space can be an issue since different jobs require different tools. One tool isn’t perfect for all jobs and thanks to its small size, this tool is portable and will easily fit in your toolbox without taking up space. The fact that it’s extremely lightweight also works in its favor as far portability is concerned.
  • Affordable – Saws of this size are not easy to find on the market and even if you do find one, the price you might pay is very high. Finding a cheap mini saw can be like looking like a needle in a haystack because the market is saturated with them from other brands. This mini saw is very different from all the others online and it won’t drain your finances because it’s affordable if you are a casual user. If you are looking for a tool you can use from time to time for those little tasks at home, you won’t regret your decision if you buy this one.
  • Single LED light – The best thing about Makita DJR185Z is the pre flow function on the light. If you are working in a place where visibility is low due to poor lighting, the LED light comes in handy because you will be able to see your cuts.
  • Adjustable shoe – You can adjust the shoe by loosening and fastening a screw. This helps keep the saw stable as you use it so that every single thing you cut looks precise.
  • Manual – Some tools you might buy on the market don’t come with an instructional manual. This can often leave you confused if you are a beginner because you don’t know where to start. Makita made sure they put a detailed manual which is easy to understand to help those who are using a power tool like this saw for the first time.


  • Can’t handle heavy-duty jobs – Since this tool is small in size, it can only handle light DIY tasks at home. Taking this tool to a job site and putting it to work on heavy-duty projects will not yield good results.

Final Verdict

Makita never disappoints when it comes to quality and this saw is packed with amazing features that anyone looking to get light jobs done will love.  You can use Makita DJR185Z on a variety of materials without breaking a sweat plus you can carry it in your toolbox because it is super lightweight.

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  • LED job light
  • Two switch levers
  • Shoe adjustment
  • Variable speed control
  • Rubberised soft grip

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