Makita DJR187Z

Makita DJR187Z 18V Li-ion LXT Brushless Reciprocating Saw Review

Any woodworker or contractor out there must acknowledge that Makita is one of the best power tools brand on the market. They are known to make top-notch reciprocating saws, and the Makita DJR187Z model qualifies among the best too. This reciprocating saw doesn’t only belong to a reputable brand, but it also has some appealing features that make you want to include it in your wishlist.

Here is a brief review to help you have a virtual experience of the power tool.

What’s the price?

The DJR187Z Overview

The Makita DJR187Z reciprocating saw is made with a relatively compact design to give you an easy time when working with it. This compact design assures you of better handling and control. Furthermore, it is a cordless reciprocating saw that allows you to work with it remotely. Even with its battery power, the saw can still handle some high-demanding projects at home decently.

Features and Functions

Design and construction

One thing to love about this reciprocating saw is that it comes with a compact design and it belongs to the lightweight category. This fella measures 56cm by 21cm by 10cm, and it weighs in at only 3.68kg. To some people, that seems like a heavy machine, but it truly isn’t heavy if you compare it to most units. Still, the power tool is very much manageable.


The reciprocating saw runs on an 18V Li-Ion battery that assures you of a top speed of 3000SPM. The battery then powers the brushless DC motor that gets rid of carbon brushes. In turn, this will allow the motor to run cooler and serve you for a long. You can adjust the speed of the machine to efficiently match your project needs.

There is an electric 2-speed selection that offers the right speed for cutting wood at the highest setting or the low-speed setting for cutting through metal. The variable speed control trigger is there to help you regulate the speed of the machine efficiently.


Using this unit is easy breezy, and you can be sure of achieving the best results with it. User safety and friendliness is also assured when you are working around with the saw. There is a reliable blade lock system that assures you of safety. All you have to do is push the blade into position and the lock will snap down automatically. In other words, it is a one-handed operation blade lock.

In terms of the cutting capacity, this one offers a stroke length of 32mm, along with a cutting capacity of 255mm in wood. However, it only delivers a cutting capacity of 130mm in mild steel pipe.


Excellent ergonomics of any power tool assures you of better handling. Thankfully, this one comes with good ergonomics to offer you good control when working with it. The handle comes with nice curving to let you handle it with ease, and the rubber grips prevent slippage as it offers better handling and control. It is also designed to reduce vibrations as it eats through wood and metal. You will also not have to worry about sweating as you work with this saw.

User Experience

First off, the Makita DJR187Z saw comes with a compact and lightweight design that assures you of excellent handling. There is also a D-handle and a two-finger trigger that give you an easy time when working with it. If you want to see the cut line clearly, there is an LED light onboard to illuminate the work surface for you. Adjusting the shoe is easy breezy, and so is changing the blade. Keep in mind that the electric blade helps to keep you safe as you work with the saw.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Features an electric 2-speed selection for offering the ideal speed for your project
  • Excellent vibration control
  • Onboard working LED light
  • Easy shoe adjustment and blade changes
  • Electric blade keeps you safe


  • It doesn’t feature an orbital action mode change


This Makita DJR187Z reciprocating saw comes with excellent features that assure you of a reliable unit to handle your multiple projects with ease. The ergonomics are excellent, and they go well with the compact and lightweight design. Furthermore, the machine user friendly, and a very good performer. Whether you are cutting through wood or metal, this reciprocating saw will deliver incredibly. The price point is also not bad either.  

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Makita DJR187Z Rating


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  • Lock-off lever
  • Electronic two-speed selection
  • Electric brake
  • LED job light
  • Tool-less blade change

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