Makita DJR188Z

Makita DJR188Z 18V Reciprocating Saw Review

The Makita DJR188Z is a very compact tool that can fit into places where longer bodied saws cannot. The brushless motor helps it maintain speed, power, and gives you a great runtime that enables you to get all your tasks done.

While many machines are not to malfunction when putting under strain, you will have no such issues with this one. As long as you’re skilled, you should be able to make crisp and sharp cuts with ease. No wires are meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting cables or tripping on them resulting in injury.

What’s the price?

Key Features Of The DJR188Z

  • Ergonomically designed handle – if you don’t have a proper grip, you will not be able to cut anything accurately and quickly. The handle of the Makita DJR188Z has elastomer which ensures control and comfort. It will fit in your hand very well when you are cutting with the upside-down or overhead.
  • Features XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology – The majority of people sometimes use their power tools outdoors and they will want a tool that can hold its own in harsh weather conditions. This feature allows you to comfortably use it outside because you will be protected from dripping water, dust, debris, and more.
  • LED light – If you happen to be working in an area where visibility is very poor, it can be hard to keep a straight line when you’re cutting material because you can see properly. To help you see your line in poorly lit areas, this tool is equipped with an LED light. The light is bright and strong enough for you to illuminate the area you’re cutting for sharp and crisp results.
  • Variable speed control – There is a trigger on this room that allows users to match their speed based on the material they are cutting.
  • Tool-less blade change – The ability to change blades on power tools without the use of Allen keys and screwdrivers revolutionized the industry. This tool eliminates the need of having any form of tool to change the blade which is a bonus.


  • Lightweight – Makita DJR188Z is one of the easiest tools you can use because it doesn’t weigh a lot thanks to its design. The manufacturers did a great job of making sure that this incredible tool is as easy to use as possible.
  • Lock-off function – This is a safety feature that prevents you from starting the tool by accident which can result in serious injuries.
  • Cutting efficiency – This saw is powered by an 18 V Li-ion slide type LXT battery which helps the tool deliver upwards of 3000 SPM. This impressive speed means you can make light work out of materials like wood, pipes, steel, and more.
  • Brushless motor – This motor increases the longevity of your tool before it helps make the machine run cooler and extends the battery life.
  • Carry bag and affordable – If you are a traveling tradesman, you will need a bag you can fit your machine in. When you purchase this saw, you also get a top-quality carry that’s durable. It will not show any sign of wear and tear even after constant use. You can place your tool in it for easy transportation plus the price you pay for both machine and carry bag is a bargain.


  • Need to buy supplies separately – Accessories like batteries, chargers, and any extra blades you might need for your tasks, have to be bought separately and don’t come with this tool.
  • Small vibrations – While small vibrations are not a major issue, they can be a problem for some people. They can affect a person’s accuracy and line during a cut. You have to be aware of this before you buy this tool.

Final Verdict

With Makita DJR188Z in your hand, you will be able to cut through tiles, timber, and wood. It can be a challenge finding a tool that can handle timber however this one is worth every penny. The battery life is outstanding because you can do your tasks without it dying on your mid-task. The ability to work in the dark thanks to an LED light is a welcome addition for those who find themselves working in poorly lit rooms.

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  • Tool-less blade change
  • Led job light
  • Brushless motor
  • Fixed type shoe
  • Lock off function

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