Makita HS7611J

Makita HS7611J Circular Saw Review

If you are in search of a reliable circular saw, the Makita HS7611J is one of the top models you should consider. This circular saw is a good performer, and it comes with some impressive features and specs that make it a top product worth purchasing. If you are on a tight budget and you need a circular saw that won’t disappoint, this one would still work for you.

In this article, we will be exploring the saw to give you an easy time understanding its delivery and if it is a good buy for you.

What’s the price?

The HS7611J Overview

Makita HS7611J is made with a powerful motor, and its design is compact too for easy handling. It might not be exactly a lightweight unit as such, but compared to other circular saws, it belongs to the lightweight category. The design is also strong and sturdy with aluminum parts for extra durability. The ergonomics is also excellent for better handling and control.

Features and Functions


First things first, we begin with the construction of the machine. It is made with a sturdy aluminum base plate, along with an aluminum die-cast. These two features play two roles; to offer you safety as you work with the machine and also enhance its durability. The machine measures 31.1 by 24 by 26.1cm, which isn’t large at all. In terms of the weight, it only comes in at 3.9kgs, which might seem a little heavy to some users. But if you consider the fact that it is a circular saw, that makes it a lightweight unit compared to most models.


If you have a high-demanding project and you need a circular saw that can handle it with ease, you would find this one helpful. It is equipped with a powerful 1600 watt motor that is sure to spit the needed power for handling your projects. The motor delivers top speeds of 5500RPM that is sure to handle any project you might be having. Furthermore, there is a flat motor housing that offers you better stability as you change the blades.

Cutting Capacity

The circular saw comes with a rear angular guide that offers you smooth and precise adjustment as you make the bevel angles. Luckily, this one offers you a large cutting capacity of 65mm at 0 degrees and 45mm at 45 degrees when making the bevel cuts. That scores above most circular saws out there. In other words, the bevel cuts are made between 0 and 45 degrees.

Even better, there is a single action lever that offers quick adjustments of the cutting depth. Keep in mind that the blade diameter is at 190mm, while the bore diameter is at 30mm.

User Experience

Even with excellent cutting capacity, Makita HS7611J might not be such a reliable unit if the user experience is poor. Thankfully, this one assures you of good user experience. First off, it is meant for both professionals and DIYers. It is also made with ease maneuverability. But most importantly, it is designed to be compatible with guide rail for easy control. The handy guide rule allows you to make accurate straight cuts.

There is a large trigger that is controlled by two fingers for easy handling. Keep in mind that the machine can be connected to a dust extractor. When you are done with the machine, you can conveniently store it in the storage box for safety and to preserve its condition.

Also, the saw is double insulated to avoid overheating as you work with it. This also helps to minimize the vibrations. You can connect it to a Makita duet extractor through the rear dust exhaust port.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Easy to maneuver it
  • It is compatible with a guide rail
  • You can connect it to a dust extractor
  • 2-finger large trigger for easy controlling
  • Handy guide rule for accurate straight cuts
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • Single-action lever for quick cutting depth adjustment


  • Some thought it is not the best pick for high-demanding metal projects


This Makita HS7611J circular saw comes with excellent performance, and you can be sure of having an easy time working with it. The ergonomics are good, along with soft and comfortable grips. The features and specs are worthwhile and they make this a generally good circular saw with good value for its low price.

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Makita HS7611J Review


Our Rating



  • Rear angular guide
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Single action lever
  • Aluminium base plate
  • Compatible with guide rail

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